Riffraff Diesel Billet Compressor Wheel 94-03

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Riffraff Diesel Billet Compressor Wheel 94-03

We are now offering our 2nd Generation performance billet compressor wheels for the 94-03 7.3L Powerstrokes. This wheel provides more than just anti-surge like the standard Borg Warner aka Whistlin' Wheel, Anti-Surge Wheel, Banks Wheel and other 5/5 blade compressor wheels. Because of its lighter mass it spools faster, while providing more CFM flow and boost pressure. We usually see a 5-7 PSI gain in boost, as well as less smoke, better drivability and quicker response. By incorporating new leading edge technology, metallurgy, and the new 4/4 blade design we are seeing an average of 17.4 hp and 38.7tq gain on stock injectors with just a swap of the wheel. We recommend balancing the rotating assembly if available, though the wheel is already dual plane balanced.

Fitment: 94-03 TP38/GTP38 including van turbo


 *Note: Using an impact on installation is not recommended.

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    Billet compressor wheel

    Posted by Weston on Jan 3rd 2019

    This is a great wheel it made my truck bark the turbo now and changed spool up time for the better, highly recommend.

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    Riff Raff Diesel Billet Compressor Wheel

    Posted by Mark on Dec 12th 2018

    Put this on my 2000 F-350 which was having a lot of turbo surge in WOT. The billet wheel was a super easy install and completely eliminated my turbo surge. Wheel increased my boost by around 4-5 PSI and sounds amazing! If your having this issue, don’t hesitate to make this awesome upgrade. I’m not paid for my opinion. I support what works. Super fast shipping as usual and greT assistance from Clay!!

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    Posted by Craig on Dec 4th 2018

    I replaced my factory wheel with this on my 2000 7.3 that I bought new. My truck has 260K on it and this brought it back to life. If you don't get a boost increase check you WG actuator and control circuit. Also I bought the complete CAC kit. It's amazing after 18 years of owning this truck how performance degrades over time and you don't notice it until you put some newer technology parts in it.

  • 5
    What a Difference

    Posted by James on Nov 17th 2018

    Such a difference from just changing a wheel. Picked up 6 psi and it really spools quick.

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    New wheel install

    Posted by Sean fox on Oct 26th 2018

    NICE and High quality.
    Very noticeable increase in spool.
    Along with a very nice cab sound change to a higher pitch.

  • 5

    Posted by Jay on Sep 15th 2018

    Had Turbo surge. Replaced stock wheel with stock ford wheel off of a pre 99 it did take care of the surge but lost 3 pounds boost. Well this wheel more than made up the 3 pounds lost. Now have a solid 23 pounds boost and no turbo surge.

  • 5
    Sounds great, spools faster

    Posted by Richard on Jul 27th 2018

    Just had this installed in my '03 E-350 with a 7.3. I didn't have surge before, just that same lag everyone experiences. The wheel sounds great and definitely helped with throttle response, and spool up speed. Would recommend!

  • 5
    Great improvement over stock wheel

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 22nd 2018

    I have a 99.5 7.3 with swamps stage 2 split shots and a ts6 chip. Was getting high egt and turbo surge and smoke. Just installing the wheel I see a instant difference no smoke like before getting lower boost at cruise speeds but it spools up really quick and I'm maxing at 25psi. The wheel up to 10psi is quiter then the stock wheel but then has a deeper tune then stock. Great upgrade!

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    Definitely worth every penny

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 21st 2018

    Have had the turbo wheel installed now for a few weeks. Have had an issue with turbo surge and this wheel solved my issue. Sounds amazing on spool up and definitely whistles with my cold air intake!