Do you sell parts for Cummins or Duramax?
No, we are currently committed to only the Powerstroke market.

Can I get a fast shipping quote online?
Yes, the fastest way is to put the parts you would like to purchase into the cart and then click the Estimate Shipping & Tax option.  By entering your zip code and state you can get an accurate cost for all service levels available.  

Will a phone order ship faster than an order through the website or mobile app?
No, all orders are fed into the system in order of being received and processed accordingly. So it is possible for a phone order to be processed at a later time than a web order depending on the time it takes to place the order via the phone with customer service or if you need a call back to place the order. 

When will my order ship after I place it through the website?
Normally Next Day Air orders placed before 1:30pm PST will ship same day. UPS 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, and Ground will normally ship same day if placed by 3pm PST. USPS Mail shipments will usually ship out if placed by 2pm PST. This can vary due to UPS/USPS scheduled pickup times that change with weather and holidays. Some orders with custom products, or options may take longer than this guideline. If you have questions feel free to send us an email.

I received a UPS or USPS Tracking number through email. Why doesn’t it show anything?
Even though we pack and ship your order it doesn’t mean the carrier will pick up at that time. Shipping Carriers only pick up Monday - Friday, not including Holidays. If you receive a tracking number please wait until after 8pm PST on the next business day to see active tracking information.

I placed my order but just remembered I need another part. How do I add it to my order?
Normally once an order has been packaged and marked as shipped we aren’t able to add to your order. If you haven’t received a shipping notification feel free to email and request that we make an addition to it. While we are happy to try and accommodate your request often it isn’t feasible if the package is already boxed and shipped or has been picked up by the carrier.

Why won’t a coupon/promo code I found online work?
We don’t utilize coupons or promotional codes as we feel you should be able to receive the best pricing without having to play a game of hide and seek for codes. If you do find a site that lists codes for us it is actually ClickBait and they are using it to draw you to their site.  As you can see on our website we don’t even have a place to utilize a code.

Why don’t you have sales, and coupon codes? 
While many companies use this marketing tactic to make a potential customer feel like they are saving money in the end they actually raise their pricing to be able to lower it again. We believe our industry niche customer isn’t like many and deserves better than games and bait & switch promos.  If there is a product we can lower the price on we will just automatically do it so that everyone gets the savings.

Do you offer free shipping?
No, we do not currently offer across the board free shipping. Sometimes there are certain items that we are able to do that on like exhaust systems and intakes. There is no such thing as Free anything. The customer is paying for shipping no matter how it is disguised on other stores. We feel that rather than apply “handling fees”, higher priced products, gouge on small item shipping, or raise pricing across the board to give “Free Shipping” it is just better to be honest and admit the obvious. Shipping costs money and UPS/USPS won’t work for free. What we will do is keep our pricing on all items as low as we can, no gimmicks trying to get you to spend more to qualify for “Free Shipping”, and then we pass on our discounts so you only pay what we pay. We feel this keeps a very transparent transaction for the customer and allows you to get one small part and not pay ridiculous shipping so that someone else can get “Free Shipping” that happened to spend just enough to pass the set threshold.

Why do I get an AVS - Address Error when I checkout?
When you enter your card number into the secure checkout it is processed using several security criteria. In order to help protect our customer against fraudulent charges the billing address must match with what the bank has on file. This isn’t necessarily your current address, but it will be where your statement goes and what the bank has on file for your mailing address. Once this is corrected the order can be resubmitted and should go right through.