Riffraff is a term for the common people, or hoi polloi. The term is derived from Old French “rif et raf” meaning "one and all, every bit."


Hoi polloi, an expression meaning “the many,” or in the strictest sense, “the majority” in Greek, is used in English to denote “the masses” or “the people,” usually in a common or everyday sense. Synonyms for “hoi polloi” include “... commoners, great unwashed, minions, multitude, plebeians, proletariat, rank and file, riffraff, redneck, the common people, the herd, blue collar, the many, the plebs, the proles, the peons, the working class.” So basicallly we are the working man’s diesel shop.


Established in 2008, we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality “Made in the USA” parts for the Powerstroke platform. From conception, R&D, manufacturing and retail, we do it all. We’re a small family owned/operated business and believe that to be the best, you have to be fully immersed in your industry which is why we are fully committed to ONLY the Powerstroke community. There is much more to this industry than making big power and we strive to supply every need of the customer from work truck, grocery getters, and weekend warriors to the person who wants to go all out. We strive for a long-term relationship with our customers, not a fast sale. We are much happier to talk someone out of a purchase than sell them something that isn’t needed for their goals. We are still actively innovating for the Powerstroke platform, as we think the community deserves more than just “off the shelf” parts offerings. We don’t hire “customer service” reps so when you call you get the owner. This way, you know when we offer an opinion there is experience and knowledge behind it not a sales pitch.


  • Highest quality “Made in the USA”
    parts for Powerstroke
  • Family owned and operated
  • Conception, R&D, manufacturing and retail
  • No customer service reps, just the owner on the phone





The best time of the year? It’s our annual Riffraff East Event in Tennessee. July boasts three days of the best looking and sounding Powerstrokes around, not to mention dyno pulls, dirt drags, show and shines, and sled pulls. Admission is cheap and cash payouts are high.


We also enjoy the occasional Tech Days where we put a special focus on Ford Diesels. We assist with part installs and share expertise on modifications and performance. You don’t want to miss out on the fellowship, scenic drives and good times.


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