Riffraff Diesel Billet Intake Manifold Plenums 1994-2003

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Riffraff Diesel Billet Intake Manifold Plenums for Ford 7.3L 1994-2003

Our Gen 3 billet aluminum intake manifold plenums are 100% made in the USA from USA materials.

An engineered design that addresses several issues at once: 
- Pair of 6061 Billet Aluminum Plenums - No more sheet metal to bend
- Made In the USA!
- Fits all popular 1994-2003 stock pedestal mount and T4 turbos
- Anodized for a long lasting finish
- Larger intake mouth to accommodate flow
- Fits under both stock and modified turbos 1994-2003
- Commonized to work with all 8 and 10 bolt cylinder heads
- Stainless Steel mounting hardware for seamless install
- Viton O-ring seal rather than RTV - Tested at over 150psi
- Works with both dual and single HPOP's
- Billet spacers for GPR and GPCM brackets
- Plenum mouth O.D. is machined to retain intake "Y" better for T4 style kits

If you are looking for a true billet solution at an economical price, then this is your product.


*Note: Anodized Color on Aluminum can be discolored / damaged by chemical engine cleaners. Use only soap and water to clean.

*Fitment Note: The hardware included with the plenums is intended to secure the plenums and GPR/AIH bracket only; if the fuel line clamp and AIH ground wire will be re-used, customer will need to make provision for the reinstallation of those items. We suggest the RDP-FFL line kit in place of the stock fuel lines.


1994-2003 7.3L Powerstroke
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  • 5
    Must Have For Anyone Producing Over 23 PSI

    Posted by Beau W. on Feb 23rd 2024

    These billet intake manifolds are a work of art. Exceptional quality, function and looks. My stock plenums RTV gaskets blew out due to my truck producing 27~32 PSI. These billet plenums w/ the o-ring style gasket fix and surpassed my issue. Highly recommend these to anyone boosting over 23 PSI.

  • 5
    Excellent Design

    Posted by Jack Adams on Feb 14th 2024

    These are by far the nicest addition to my 2002 7.3 I have done. Stainless hardware, and the machining is perfect. Easy install once you get your stock plenums off and clean all that nasty rtv off the heads.

  • 5
    These are awesome!

    Posted by Wheeler on Dec 13th 2023

    My flat plate style plenums started leaking. Replaced them with these. The gain in performance is amazing. They are well worth the money to buy them.

  • 5
    Quality Part

    Posted by Kyle Dixon on Dec 8th 2023

    Well thought out and well engineered part. This bolted up to my 2001 7.3 just like it should, and the oring seal is so much better than the stock RTV. The stainless steel hardware that is included is a nice touch as well.

  • 5
    Riffraff Quality

    Posted by Cyrus Mohit on Oct 3rd 2023

    By far the best plenums for a 7.3! O-ring sealing and amazing machine work!

  • 4
    Look amazing

    Posted by Michael Powers on Oct 3rd 2023

    The fit is perfect and they look amazing! Hug difference in valley. The O'ring seal is very hard to install and keep in place. It should of been a square seal and not round and make the groove deeper so it sits in place better. I'm just hoping it didn't roll or pop out when i installed them.

  • 5
    Billett plenums

    Posted by Joel Cardillo on Aug 21st 2023

    Perfect for geting intake boots tight and they look great! Worth every penny

  • 5
    Hands Down the Best

    Posted by Jason Evans on Jul 19th 2023

    Not all parts are created equal. Learn from my mistake, and dont trust parts just by their name. I purchased a set of "billet" plenums from another diesel shop online because they were more expensive than Riffraff's and the pictures looked ok. Well it was a terrible mistake, they didnt have oring seal, only RTV, had cheap hardware store bolts instead of stainless, and the "machining" looks like it was done with a table top router instead of CNC. It was completely 1 dimensional an worse flow than stock. In the end I had to sell them on eBay just to get rid of them and purchased these from Riffraff Diesel. What a difference! The machining is amazing, exactly and off the charts on flow profile. If you are serious and want quality parts Riffraff is the only way to go. These guys are top notch and have the best customer service. I regret ever purchasing from someone else, I got bit and paid the price but hope that by sharing you wont and can learn from my mistake.

  • 5
    Great Product, I can breath!

    Posted by Ronney on Jun 6th 2023

    A repair shop recently damaged one of my plenums so badly, it was not reparable with riffraff insert rings. So I decided to spend a few bucks more and get the billet plenums.
    Easy to install once you have everything cleared out of the way. The hardest part was the oring gasket if you can call that hard. Follow the directions, call riffraff if you questions and they will help pretty darn quick.
    No more leaks, no one can damage them, no more blowby. Peace of mind.
    My wife even likes them.
    I notice a difference immediately!
    Pull the trigger, you won’t be disappointed.