FPR Housing - Billet Aluminum w/ Pressure Shim Springs

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FPR Replacement Housing - Billet Aluminum 99-03 7.3L

With 3 springs to allow you to set your fuel pressure to the performance levels that you wish to achieve   
If you have broken the threads from the fragile stock housing or if you just want to increase your fuel pressure for better performance, this Heavy Duty billet housing with interchangeable springs is your solution. Manufactured to OEM measurements, it will easily replace the cast factory regulator housing.
The recommended installation procedure is to install the cap with the fuel bowl removed from the engine bay. You will need to purchase the compression sleeves for all 4 hard lines attached to the fuel bowl separately as they are not reusable seals. (part # 7-004; 7-005; 7-006) 
Three different fuel pressure spring settings* 
  1. 58-61 psi  silver spring  (Stock pressure)
  2. 62-65 psi  gold spring
  3. 67-70 psi  black spring
Also included in the kit is a new housing to fuel bowl o-ring and 2 new black oxide mounting bolts. 
Due to the extreme weakness of the factory housing where the threaded compression fitting meets the housing body, we have received numerous calls from customers that have broken the threads off of the factory housing. Usually when this happens it is necessary to cut off the flare end of the hard line in order to remove the broken piece and compression nut from the line. The hardline then needs to be re-flared but it is now shorter and may be difficult to connect back to a factory housing.
With this in mind, we have made this housing wider than the original to compensate for those that have had to cut the end of the hardline off to repair this defect. 
Please Note: The fuel compression sleeve that seals the return hard line to the FPR housing is NOT reusable. The old sleeve will come out in at least 2 pieces, if not so dried up and cracked that you will have to remove the pieces with a pick tool. If you attempt to re-use a compression sleeve after it has been in service a few thousand miles, it will leak. Order a new Parker compression fuel sleeve from the bottom of this page as a related item.
*Note: Fuel pressure data was gathered by using a analog mechanical guage on a test bench using a 2001 fuel bowl with no fuel filter and a Walbro GSL-392 fuel pump. The housing was then moved to live testing on a 2002 7.3L F350 and using multiple springs, a digital fuel pressure gauge rated at 1/2 of 1% accuracy and a stock Ford Bosch fuel pump, identical data was collected. Due to accuracy tolerances of various pressure gauges and spring tensions from the manufacturing process, your pressure readings could have variances from these results.