EZ-LOK HPOP Bolt Insert Kit

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EZ-LOK HPOP Bolt Insert Kit for Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

Our HPOP EZ-LOK kit allows you to fix your stripped out HPOP Bolt threads in your front cover without removing. Includes all parts that are needed, as well as the hardened inserts. 


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    Easy to use and very pleased with the results of this product

    Posted by Elmer varro on May 11th 2020

    This product will save you thousands of dollars and time simple to use and great results very pleased with this product.

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    Piece of crumb cake

    Posted by Chris on Sep 3rd 2018

    Works like a champ. Purchased a 3/8 drive drill bit to fit my dewalt right angle cordless as the 1/2” chuck right angle I do not have. Fast shipping and customer service great

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    Great product!

    Posted by Rob in Atlanta on Jul 10th 2018

    Ran into a problem after the initial Hpop repair, even with factory torque spec of the mounting bolts, the bolts became loose, removed the hpop again only to find the aluminum thread came out with the bolt, Ordered this kit and bought a 90 degree air drill, tap sockets for a 3/8 Drive ratchet!
    Making sure you drill and tap as straight as you can is critical, inserts went in with no problem, used some extra loctite, hpop went on and bolts took the factory torque spec with no issue. Kit has been installed for a month with no leaks around hpop, thanks Riffraff for a great repair kit!

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    good product

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 14th 2018

    good repair kit,but had to make drill bit fit in my air drill by grinding on it.

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    Works well

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 19th 2017

    Drill bit needs to be for a 3/8 Drill instead of 1/2.

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by Josh b on Aug 13th 2017

    Much like the rest of riff raffs products worth every cent.

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    Ez lok

    Posted by Bryan on May 30th 2016

    Awesome product, 100 times better than a helicoil!

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    Life saver

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2016

    After i stripped out my hpop mounting bolt threads, i found myself looking for a solution and this kit was it! Only inssue i had was not being sure which tap the instructions was refering to as the," bottoming tap" there are two taps included and i wasnt sure which one was which. This product solved my problem and i look forward to using more RiffRaff products!

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    Life Saver!!! Great kit!

    Posted by Fernando on Sep 14th 2015

    It seems that the last person to install a re-manufactured HPOP stripped the holes and used helicoil. I did the regular HPOP install (t500 upgrade) after going for a drive everything was fine till the next morning I was leaking oil bad.

    Anyways, speed up 3 days later I get the EZ-LOK HPOP Bolt Insert Kit complete kit, instructions are online for it (Riffraff rocks).

    I did the drilling without removing the intake manifold (spyder) and used a makita 90 degree drill that I borrowed. The drill bit initially was a tad big for the receiving end of my drill so I slimmed down the drill bit a little bit to fit my drill.

    -Definitely will need a 1/2 inch chuck 90 degree drill like the previous reviewer mentioned.
    -some sort of vacuum cleaner to aid in the pick up of shavings.
    -and tap sockets

    I had the HPOP reservoir previously removed, and I did notice that the passenger side bolt hole penetrated through the casing that holds the gear completely. Out of precautions I put a rag inside as well and while I was drilling I had someone turn the vacuum on to prevent any shavings going into unwanted places.

    If you have never used a bolt thread repair kit of some sort make sure you practice somewhere before you even attempt this.

    All in all I am very glad this kit exist it definitely saves major headaches.

    Works as intended! Great!