Up-pipe Reinstall Hardware Kit 94-03

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Up-pipe Reinstall Hardware Kit 94-03

This kit will provide the up-pipe bolts for 1994.5-2003 7.3L vehicles. These are the Ford bolts, and the answer to the broken, rusted ones that were taken out. They will fit bolt International Bellowed Up-pipe kits as well the the original Ford donut gasket up-pipes. 

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    Great quality

    Posted by Spencer Bennett on Jan 28th 2018

    Evrything i get from you guys has been top notch! Never have i gotten anything below awesome!

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    Great Value

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 7th 2017

    The price was the best for top quality parts and I got it fast!

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    Got my boost back.

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2017

    Great kit. Got the bolts too. Replaced these when I rebuilt EBPV. Up pipe were black but I couldn't see it from up top. After it was buttoned up, I gained 10 psi on the top end and quicker spool up. Great kit if bellowed pipes are not in the budget.

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    Up pipe reinstall hardware kit

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 6th 2017

    Perfect fit, made for an easy repair.

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    When You Need New Hardware, Trust RiffRaff

    Posted by Mattyhawk on Jan 4th 2017

    These black oxide bolts are really great when your OEM up-pipe bolts are rusted solid to the exhaust manifolds. So glad RiffRaff offers stuff like this instead of having to find stuff that fits from a hardware or bigbox store.

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    Quality Hardware

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 14th 2016

    Don't waste your time trying to re-use the old hardware. The old hardware will snap very easily. Use new hardware and never worry about it again.

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    Excellent as usual

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 10th 2016

    I have ordered many Riff Raff products and everyone has been excellent. This kit was no exception. Replacing up pipes on a 7.3 is absolutely no fun and you don't want to reuse the original bolts and find out halfway through that one breaks. Mine were 17 years old and had rusted so bad I couldn't put tools on them. Anytime I've had a question Clay has answered quickly and accurately. I'm always glad to do business with Riff Raff.

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    Perfect Fitment. Quality Hardware

    Posted by Chad on Jun 14th 2016

    This hardware is exactly what I needed to fix my leaky factory OBS uppipes. If your doing new donut gaskets like I did I recommend you getting this bokt kit. The old uppipe bolts get very brittle from years of heat cycles, and they tend to snap very easy. My advice is a couple days of WD40 or PB blaster and heat cycles for removing the old bolts. You want to avoid breaking them off in the collector/babies butt because they are harder than a grade 8 bolt and there's no tapping the broken bolts out, resulting in you buying a new $150 collector/babies butt

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    Great little kit

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 13th 2016

    More convenient for the price than cleaning and inspecting hardware.