Turbo Boost 60 PSI - Ford Match

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Turbo Boost 60 PSI - Ford Match

Includes 10 ft. nylon tubing with 1/8" NPT fittings. 
Includes 1/4'' NPT adapter/fitting. 

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    Posted by David on Dec 20th 2016

    I know this costs less than the electric boost gauges, but it's not worth the compromise.

    The gauge is too deep, creating issues with pod fitment. I had to cut the threaded studs nearly completely off and just stuff it in, held by just friction.

    The included tubing is crap. Combined with the depth of the gauge, it kinked each time I tried to install it, leading to removing the gauge, the pod, the fittings, cutting off the kinked end of tubing, and reinstalling it. Finally I got a Bosch kit from the local parts store for $10 with copper tubing and new fittings and it worked first try. But I have a whistling sound from the gauge. Not sure but I think it's leaking air internally. Not enough to affect boost (according to my ODB-II reader) but it probably reduces the gauge reading slightly.

    The lighting is brighter than factory at maximum, necessitating a resistor / potentiometer / autometer dimmer. And a little greener. So much for factory match.

    If I was doing it again I would probably forgo trying to match the Ford cluster and get better made gauges.

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    Posted by Nick on May 18th 2016

    Decent gauge, matches quite well, lighting a little dim.
    Wasn't aware it was going to be shipped from the manufacturer, then Autometer forgets the tubing haha, at least all parties made it right.

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    great gauge

    Posted by james on Apr 20th 2016

    Great factory match to the Ford cluster but 4 stars as the body is approximately 1/8 inch deeper. Not sure why but causes a fitment issue in the pod with the boost line fitting.

    Otherwise it's great!