Thermostat Assembly 96-03

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Motorcraft Thermostat 96-03

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    Cooler temp's prevail.

    Posted by Garrison Seeger on May 26th 2019

    Only wat to go. I've read where the higher temp one's can cause some grief.

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    The only one to use!

    Posted by Edgar Hinojosa on Jan 4th 2019

    My thermostat housing was leaking so I decided to also purchase a new thermostat. I read about the 203F thermostat that's "supposed" to be in these trucks. Don't be fooled, I had purchased one and had nothing but problems and concerns. Truck ran way to hot in my preference. High oil temps also. A little hill climb would shoot my coolant temps past 220F in the summer. Replaced with this OEM part and found the temperatures way cooler, opening when it should and keeping my truck cool.

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    Great service

    Posted by Joseph Hines on Nov 7th 2018

    I ordered the wrong one but the return was easy

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    Worked Great

    Posted by Peter Nemeth on Oct 28th 2018

    OEM thermostat with a built in gasket. Great pricing on a great product. Used this with the aluminum outlet 99-03 with no issues--besides having to drill out one hole on the water pump discharge flange.

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    OEM Is Good

    Posted by Diverdude on Oct 22nd 2018

    This replaces the original OEM with 214k miles. This has the built in gasket which is so easy. Plus, I bought a new thermostat housing on this site. Great products together! My housing bolts broke off in the water pump! Good thing I replaced that too with a new OEM one. Best price for that was found on this sight too.

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    Posted by Jfoiii on Aug 15th 2018

    Great product, price, and fast shipping

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    Good Price

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2018

    If the original thermostat housing is pitted hit it with a wire wheel and spread permatex thermostat sealant on the surface with a credit card to flatten it out. Just a thin layer. Let it dry while you pull the old pump and install. Never had a leak this way.

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    Very good product

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 26th 2018

    Replaced the old tin outlet with this billet thermostat water outlet. It installed nicely with the recessed allen driven bolts and most importantly sealed perfectly with only the rubber thermostat seal. Recommended.

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    Works Great

    Posted by Unknown on May 14th 2018

    Thermostat fits and works great. Love the built in gasket. Topped off with the riffraff billet housing which I highly recommend everyone to do as well.