Terminator T500 HPOP

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Core Pre-Ship Only, Turn Around 7-10 Days

Terminator Engineering - T500 HPOP


Tired of your 15º or worn out 17º pump? Need a little more volume for those new injectors?  This Terminator Modded T500 pump is what you need and won't put a dent in your mod budget.

We ship you your pump with all new seals and orings, tested and ready to install.  Please indicate whether you are sending in a 15º or 17º and if it is out of a Super Duty or a OBS. Be sure to include your pump fittings as they will be resealed and sent back with the pump. You do not need to include your IPR with the core.

HPOP Core sheet the must accompany your core return, and must be shipped to the address at the top of the sheet. If your core does not have the core sheet and/or the HPOP line fittings aren't present then your core will be refused and returned. Due to increasing costs mounting gaskets are no longer included, We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we do offer them still for purchase.

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Warranty: 2 year

Currently we are only accepting pre-ship orders, which means you have to send a core in first to be built, Terminator modifies it and then ships it back to you

IMPORTANT* Terminator Engineering Terms for pump warranty. If you feel you might have a warranty on your T500 and you have diagnosed it isn't the IPR, Injector poppets, Injector Orings, or IPR Pigtail please send your pump back to Terminator for warranty. If pump is tested and flows Terminator will require you to pay return shipping on your good pump. If it is a confirmed warranty Terminator will correct and return the pump.  This warranty is only a manufacturer warranty and is not serviced or applied through Riffraff Diesel. By checking the box above you are agreeing to abide by these terms that Terminator has set forth.


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    Terminator T500 HPOP

    Posted by Oldman on Nov 7th 2018

    Works as expected, seems to be well done, ordering process is a little complicated, wish there was someway to communicate with the repair shop. I would use them again

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    T500 HPOP

    Posted by Rick Allen on Oct 26th 2018

    I bought this pump a few months ago which for new buyers it is your existing pump that is upgraded and sent back to you. I would give five stars for this review except when I got the pump back and opened it the bag was full of oil the bag leaked all over the box and it was a mess, lucky the box stayed intact, they did a helluva job packaging it for sure. The pump was fairly clean and nice and lubed up, however when I went to install it and removed the port plugs there was a lot of hardened Loctite looking material in the flow ports a very hardened greencompund looking identical to the loctite used to seal injector cups. If I could share photos I would. From my concern I installed the pump on a bench stand and drove it via ac servo motor. Using a pot I trimmed the IPR to act just as it would or relatively close to what the ICP would call for. The pump operated well, no hiccups and constant pressures up to 1k psi, I did not want to drive it 100% in a test condition. I felt good about it after finding a contaminate such as I did and then testing it. The pump took nearly 3 weeks to get back, f.y.i. I wasnt in a hurry as this repair was an entire truck rebuild. The pump is in driving single shot 180/30's from rosewood with a good set of tunes from JELICH, on a hydra, the pump performs no doubt, I've had dominator pumps and a no namer pumps from no name names that is out of business now and this pump TERMINATOR 500 is quality thus far and seems to be the best bang for your buck at nearly half the cost of allmost everything else its proven to be a decent pump.
    I went with it to see what it was about, I sent a newer bosch that was a decent working pump into them for a reman and this is definately rebuilt speaking out if there are any naysayers reading this, I have living proof that Terminator engineering is legit.
    Once again the boys at riff raff are indeed dealing with reputable folks providing performance upgrades.
    The pump has produced 6k in psi under wot with a 15k 5th wheel tied on. As Impressive as the competitors are this is a competitive pump the flow rate is decent, above avg, so truely the best bang for your performance buck. As old as the 7.3's are becoming a place still offering a modded performance part like this at the current cost is a rarity by itself. Way to go riff raff and terminator.

    A very satisfied customer

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    Posted by Narayan on Oct 19th 2018

    Works great pushes the 250cc injectors just fine.

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    Not Recommended

    Posted by Tim on Oct 13th 2018

    I sent my working core in for an upgrade to the T500 received it back and installed the unit, No Start, leaking from Non Serviceable port, sent it back said it was fine, received it back, installed it, No leak, No Start. Pump will not build pressure, beyond 179 Psi, checked everything, all new OEM parts, spent thousands chasing ghosts because they said pump was fine. dead headed pump, shows 345 PSI, wasted thousands of dollars because of sloppy workmanship, should have just gone with a standard part instead of junk in a box.

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    Killer pump

    Posted by William Shearer on Oct 4th 2018

    Highly recommends this pump if you need to preplace your hpop or you just want to upgrade but be aware it comes with a ipr valve so you wont need to order a new.

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    Great Hpop

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2018

    Great deal on a hpop.Fixed my 1211 code during hard long hills

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    Great Replacement Pump solved low ICP on Tuned Stock Injectors

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 26th 2018

    I has having issues with ICP being in the low 2000psi under heavy throttle towing my 13k trailer which caused the EGT to climb causing me to have to lift on an extended pull up a grade. I tried three different tuners 40hp tow tunes with the same results. Pulled the pump and sent it in to be rebuilt into a T-500 and got it back within the same week. Solved my low ICP issue, will now hold commanded ICP throughout the RPM range and EGTs stay in check Truck also feels crisper in that 2,500-3,200rpm range where it use to feel flat. I would recommend this pump.

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    Stage 2

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2018

    This is a quality upgrade that supports my stage 2 injectors and works great. This is by far the most bang for your buck in performance HPOPs!

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    Posted by David Swails on Mar 6th 2018

    Still a work in progress but everything I got from Riffraff is unbelievable!!! I’m not seeing big change in fuel mileage but we will retune after we finish with all of the mods. I see big power gains and it pulls like their is no tomorrow!!! Just pulled an office trailer 775 Miles no problem.