Stage 3 Single Shot Injector Set

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Stage 3 Single Shot Injector Set - Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

Stage 3 Injectors, or Hybrid injectors as they are sometimes called, will have larger and brand new plunger and barrels. These injectors will flow 250-400cc's depending on your selection and also come with a larger nozzles. 485-600+hp is obtainable with the right supporting modifications . All remans are done with brand new plungers/ barrels/ nozzles, new Alliant o-rings, and are flow tested on a bench with an flow report logged for tuner. Big hybrids have extensive internal fuel modifications as well.

All remans carry an 18 month warranty - Vegi users excluded.

*We must receive the injectors or a tracking number in 21 days or a $25 a day penalty will apply.

*Custom Tuner Required

Injector Code Description:

AA - '94-'97 Non-California trucks. They are all 90cc injectors and are single shots. 
AB - '97 California, and all Early '99 trucks. Split Shot injectors that flow 130cc of fuel.
AC - Came in high torque version of the T444E and didn't come in any Powerstrokes. They have the same internals as the AB injectors with the exception of the single shot plunger and barrel and are 160cc.
AD - These are found in all late '99-'03 Powerstrokes and T444Es, and are a Split Shot Injector
AE - Long lead AD injector that was used to cure a "cackle" issue.

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    Not pleased 250cc 200% nozzles

    Posted by Dustin on Sep 18th 2017

    When I received them in the mail I couldn't wait too install them. I then open the boxes and started inspecting them and it looked like the solenoids had been tossed around the shop a few times but I still tried to have faith in the workmanship. So after the install it ran rough which was to be expected working the air out of the system. Five days later still running rough so ended up pulling valve covers back off and fired her back up. This is after installing new ipr valve and wiring new valve cover gasket connections. So I find number 8 injector pissing oil everywhere so I pulled it and switched it did the another just to be sure and it followed. So pulled the bad one out and it sounded like it was playing jingle bells when I shook it.

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    Hybrids 205/200

    Posted by Manuel on Sep 16th 2016

    Bought these injectors since the ones in my truck seemed like they weren't firing the way they were suppose to compared to another 7.3 I have. I called Clay and asked for his advice considering I had a few modifications of the truck including an Adrenaline HPOP. I was a little skeptical considering I had never bought hybrid injectors before. I must say if you want an injector you can grow around these are the ones. They do not idle as smooth as a the stock injectors but once you ask them for fuel they will definitely deliver. I bought a DP tuner since I needed the tuning to run them. On my stock level they sound just like the stock ones and perform similar with the advantage of delivering more. Once I put my the setting to the first 60HP tow tune the engine sounds completely different better/meaner and ready. I don't need a turbo to run them, but since I would like to take advantage of the new power available I am going to invest in a new turbo and Intercooler. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a solid base injector for 450-500 HP. The only reason I didn't give them a 5 star is because I have never bought another brand to compare them to. So it felt unfair.