Stage 1.5 180cc Single Shot Injector Set

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Stage 1.5, 180cc 30% nozzle, reman performance injectors increase the performance and horsepower of your powerstroke diesel.  The injectors in the 94-03 Ford Powerstroke will increase horsepower from 50-100hp to the rear wheels with a required custom chip. NEW tungston coated plungers and barrels and brand NEW nozzles.  Each set is matched to within 1%. Come with an outstanding 18 month warranty.  Complete set of eight.  Core charge required if not pre-shipping cores.  

We do not charge any other fees to repair your core injectors.  Please note some of the other companies charge for bad parts on top of the sale price and do not use new plungers and barrels in their injectors. All cores charges refunded by issuing a check to the customer, with the exception of rusted or coked cores.  Coked cores are the result of vegetable oil.  Shipping includes a return label for your cores. If cores are not return with in 30 days from purchase date the remaining $50 per injector core charge will be charged.

Core Injector Shipping Options:

  • Pre-Ship Core - This allows you to ship your used cores in first without have to pay a core charge. Your order will ship once your cores are received.
  • Return After Install - This is the quickest option to get your injectors. You pay the core fee up front and then it is refunded once the core are return and received back. 

 *We must receive the injectors or a tracking number in 30 days or a $50 penalty will apply.

1994-2003 7.3L Powerstrokes, custom tuning required.
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    Posted by John Fredrickson on Dec 15th 2020

    First off I just want to say that is not a reflection of Riffraff at all they are a great company this is just a statement of an experience with FFD that's all.
    Decided that I needed more power from my 2003 Ford F350 7.3L to tow my new Toyhauler trailer so I decided to update it with a Power hungry Hydra and new injectors.
    After alot of comparison shopping and reading reviews I decided to go with the re-man Full force 180 30's and got them ordered up through RiffRaff Diesel.
    Well it all started out great The PHP is an awesome programmer even with the stock injectors. I installed the PHP and set it up with stock injector tunes because
    the FFD injectors had not arrived yet. I towed my 35 ft Attitude trailer with 4 Quads in the back down to Sand lake Oregon and it pulled it NP with the Hydra.
    What a difference it made and I couldn't wait until I had the injectors installed. The injectors arrived and I had my mechanic schedule my truck in for the install.
    Well prior to the install the pacific NW weather had some issues up here with an abnormal windstorm that knocked out power for a couple of days and we had some
    forest fires in the area which hampered the power companies attempts to get the power back on down at my mechanics shop. I called FFD and explained what was going on
    and that I could not get my cores to them on time and they extended the return time for me(Thank You).Finally the power gets turned back on and the install is done and I
    get my truck back and it is running ok but kind of rough. My mechanic explains to me that there is just some air in the system that just needs to be purged out both the
    oil and the fuel, and it needs to be driven a couple hundred miles or so for this to happen, Ok I thought no problem. 300 miles later the problem still was there!!
    at a stop it ran like heavily cammed hot rod so I took it back to my mechanic so they could check it out. They check it out and find 3 out of the 8 injectors
    are bad. I have them call FFD and they have my mechanic go over the truck with them on the phone they have them do a bunch more testing with them
    and they ask me a bunch of questions also like are you running the stock tunes? what kind of oil are you using... I say Rotella for Diesels and the tunes
    are the Hydra Titan Unlock from PHP 180-30 over tunes specifically for the single shots, they ask me this question several times BTW... Anyway they cant get it to
    idle smoothly so at (FFD's request) they want all the injectors pulled and sent back to them for flow testing. I talk to a FFD rep he sends me the return form tells me to
    include my name and invoice# on the form so they will know what all the issues are with these injectors and the back and forth talk that went about with
    my mechanic and their service guys over at FFD. So I get the injectors Pack them all up including the returns slip you need with my name invoice# and the
    reason why you are returning them for and send them to FFD 3 day air at a cost of $152.39 so I can get them back ASAP. They arrive at FFD and they give me a call asking for more
    information as per why they are being returned even though they have the invoice# and the return sheet with all the info they need. At this point I wondering
    if they have a case file with any of the information that my mechanic and I have given them? They also AGAIN ask about what tunes I am running and if they are
    the stock tunes for the split shots... Any way I had to give them the info again and tell them that I will have my mechanic call them again and they tell me they will
    get them flow tested by the end of the week, Called my mech and he called them back that afternoon. Called FFD later in the week and asked how things were going and
    they told me that the tech that I talked to was out and they could not locate where my injectors were.. but they were definitely not being tested or were scheduled
    to be tested that week. The tech I talked to called me back and informed that my mech had not called her.. but he did call but talked to another person because she
    was not available. Finally they got in touch with each other and the injectors were being tested ASAP. Got a call back a day later and 2 injectors were scored from debris on the barrel or
    plunger?? but the third they could not find a problem with it and from what I have read this is a regular explanation that they give out saying it is neither and
    their fault or mine that this happened. Now they sent me back the 6 injectors and 2 new re-mans and instead of 3 day air like I sent them they shipped them ground...
    I got them back now and have them installed again and so far so good.
    I just wanted to put this out there because this was my experience that I had with this company and I feel that the customer service could have been much better.
    Also that they could have been better informed with each other in this case without me or my mechanic having to explain what was going on each we time talked to them.
    And in the case of their product being bad they could have at least reimbursed me for the shipping costs.
    I am not saying this will be other peoples experiences but this was mine so be aware.
    And for informational purposes because I know somebody will ask.
    ICP is at 475-500 IPR 11.5-12.5 at Idle ICP 3200-3500 IPR 35 @ WOT DURING ACC.
    65 PSI fuel pressure that does not drop at all.

    Total time the truck was down was 2 months total minus the 300 miles to get the air out of the system.
    Cost for the SECOND time installed with additional cost associated for Tech calling FFD $1196.47 they cut me a deal...
    Shipping cost $152.39 for me to send injectors back to test.

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    Posted by John Fredrickson on Sep 17th 2020

    What can I say, with these and the hydra chip my truck now flies. now to test it out towing...

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    Posted by Andrew on Jun 13th 2019

    Fast shipping, great product. The injectors made a huge difference the way the truck runs. Very pleased.

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    Posted by Unknown on May 8th 2018

    What else can I say these injectors are top-notch they are drop-in and oh my god with Tunes all you need is the heavy tow tune and my God this thing thing runs I got the street Shredder and the Cummins killer and my God it's like three different trucks all the different attitudes for the money you cannot beat these I would buy them time and time again

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    Amazing Product!!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2017

    These injectors are a perfect fit my truck! Drop right in and shipping was amazing. Make my truck feel brand new and with custom tunes they are great for towing, would definitely buy these time and time agin!

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    Posted by Cory on Jun 8th 2017

    Fast shipping, truck idles smooth and quiet. No down side at all. Thanks Riffraff and Full Force Diesel!

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    Cannot control myself

    Posted by Danny - Noble, OK on Sep 3rd 2016

    These injectors are everything I expected. Truck runs so good I cann keep my foot off throttle. I had 3 injectors not firing 3 week firing . I have owned 3 different trucks with 7.3 this is by far the strongest towing truck. I have been telling everyone I can how good the service the products and prices are at RiffRaff. I rented tool for cup install also. I received all core and tool refunds immediately following return. Am definitely looking to add more upgrades Fromm RiffRaff inventory.

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    Posted by Unknown on Jun 14th 2015

    Exactly what I expected and more perfect for everyday driving use.