Serviceable Long Threaded HPOP Plug

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Serviceable Long Threaded HPOP Plug for Ford 7.3L (94-03)

If your "non-serviceable" plug at the bottom of the HPOP is leaking, it is probably due to the factory short threaded plug has stripped the threads from the aluminum HPOP body.

The replacement plug is a 'long threaded" plug made from high quality 303 Stainless Steel and is machined to the exacting Navistar standards exclusively for This plug can successfully repair a HPOP "non-serviceable" plug that has completely stripped out the factory threads.

The Serviceable plug comes with a new o-ring and a .5ml packet of LocTite 680 Retaining Compound. Made in the USA

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  • 5
    Stopped my leak

    Posted by Joe on Jun 6th 2018

    All the parts in the bag plus instruction sheet thank you

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    Serviceable Long Threaded HPOP Plug for Ford 7.3L (94-03)

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 21st 2016

    Ordered the part, it worked as advertised... Great find. Thank you so for the timely shipping and turnaround

  • 5
    Perfect fit

    Posted by George on May 29th 2016

    No issues, fit exactly the way it needed to be.

  • 5
    Seems great

    Posted by Mace on May 23rd 2016

    Does as advertised. Can't say much else other than it does exactly what it's supposed to!

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    HPOP Extended Plug

    Posted by Rick on Mar 7th 2016

    Glad I changed it with this longer plug, the one I removed was finger tight.

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    Hpop extended plug awsome

    Posted by Powers on Dec 26th 2015

    I thought I had a leaking gasket pulled the hpop and realized that the threads pushed out of my plug orderedthis and bam fixed it right up awsome product thanks for getting me out of a pinch

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    Good product so far

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2015

    We recently had another customer with a 7.3 come in with a major oil leak and found that it was the "non-serviceable" plug on the bottom of the HPOP. Before we knew about this product, we matched up an o-ring from NAPA. We informed the customer that there was a chance this would not work in the long run, but he opted to give it a try to avoid buying a pump. The o-ring held up for about two weeks, but it failed. So far, this one has been good. The customer is happy, we are happy, and we now have an extra on hand for next time!

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    Finally no more leaking.

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2015

    I started in the back. Did turbo o rings on pedestal. Did the simple orings on top of hpop with new fittings. Also did a ipr oring. Finally decided I had to pull the hpop. Ordered this plug and a mounting gasket. Once I got it out it was obvious this was my leak. The o ring was hanging out the side of the plug. Ran about 100 miles so far. Seems to be no leaks now.

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    Better than the original one. Longer threads.

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 20th 2015

    Liked the quality and the instructions were really easy to follow! Thank you for the awesome products you sell n the installation manuals, they're invaluable.