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Power Hungry Performance Hydra Chip for Ford Powerstroke 7.3L 1994-2003


The Hydra Chip includes 17 total memory slots for tuning presets (15 tuning presets, NO START, and MODULE BYPASS) to get the most performance and efficiency out of your truck no matter where or how you are driving! On the old, 6-position knob-style chip, you could never tell what preset you were running unless you counted the knob's clicks. On the new Hydra Chip, you can always see what tuning program you are running with its convenient green LED switchbox. Using the up and down buttons on the switchbox, you can change your tuning preset on the fly. Don't forget we also offer optional billet aluminum flush mounts for a clean OE install into your dash.

When you purchase the Hydra Chip, you will have the ability to load 15 specific tunes for your truck make/year. The Software program is a FREE Download. This Download will allow access to the complete inventory of PHP Standard 7.3L Tunes all at no additional charge. Tunes for modifications like injectors or dual pumps aren't included. The USB connection on the Hydra Chip itself will allow you to load tuning presets to your chip without having to take it to a dealer or send it back to us! Just plug it into your computer and download your selections, even while installed on the PCM.

This feature is especially helpful if you order a custom tune from a custom tuning company--they can email you the file (which is specific to your serial number) and you can install it yourself from the comfort of your home! Your Hydra comes with the USB extension cable adapter, you can even plug your laptop into the chip from your cab while it is still installed in your truck!


  • Hydra Chip package includes the chip, digital switch, ribbon cable, and USB cable.
  • Free 6ft extension cable included as well with your order. 
  • 17 TOTAL EMPTY POSITIONS including built-in Module Bypass (for diagnostics or emissions testing) and No-Start
  • Easy to read TWO DIGIT removable display switch that mounts on any flat surface for maximum convenience
  • Program/reprogram the chip using the optional USB extension cable and bracket
  • Supports most competitors’ calibrations for a variety of tunes available on one chip
  • Fully compatible with PATS-equipped vehicles
  • Update and Reprogram ONLINE using our FREE HydraFlash™ software
  • Choose from our extensive library of standard calibrations - Tunes for modifications like injectors or dual pumps aren't included
  • Program and Verify ONE or MORE positions with one click
  • Program calibrations in ANY POSITION(s) — or leave ANY positions blank!
  • A single position takes less than 20 seconds to Program and Verify
  • Read the factory PCM calibration directly through the chip
  • Print out your own customized calibration list
  • Update chip online with new features as they become available
  • Custom Tune Available separately from top tuners like: 1023 Diesel, Jelibuilt, Dan K, Tony Wildman, GearHead, John Wood and many more.

*Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for electronic items at checkout as they apply to this item.

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  • 5

    Posted by David on Jul 19th 2019

    All I can say is "WOW". I had the edge revolver first, hated it so much I returned it within a few days of gettin it. Then I was like "spend the money and get the Hydra chip."
    So I did, and it was the best choice ever!!

  • 3
    Not super thrilled

    Posted by Brian f on Jul 8th 2019

    Not a bad chip but def get more power out of way simpler tuners not thrilled with it what so ever

  • 5

    Posted by Jonathan Lo on Jul 5th 2019

    This chip is awesome! Super easy to install once you figure out where the bolt is for the PCM. YouTube instructions were great. It really woke the truck up. I can't imagine going back to stock (even though I put it on stock setting on occasion to see what I was missing out on).

    Tip: Make sure to actually use fiberglass or packing tape. I used electrical tape and the chip would wiggle loose and shut my truck off randomly. I threw parts at the truck until I decided to pull the chip/PCM to see if there were any issues. I cleaned the contacts up a little more and used packing tape. No issues since!

  • 5
    Holy s@#%

    Posted by Zach on Jul 5th 2019

    Why didn't I buy this sooner! Had a super chip..... crap. Shifts were garbage. This took a bit to download tunes and intall in the truck but totally worth it! Night and day difference no questions asked! Riffraff has always been a great company to deal with! Installed a lot of products from them and the parts have always been top notch! The hydra chip is absolutely better than a ts 6 pos or any other than I've tried for that matter. The fact that you can download tunes straight from the internet to the chip without pulling out of the truck is freakin amazing! Hell it takes less time to download tunes and write them on to the hydra than it takes me to change tunes on a super chip! Great product! Just wish it came with the usb cable that you could mount...... have this awkward cable hangin from my steering column.

  • 5
    Best tuner out there!

    Posted by Richard Miller on Jul 2nd 2019

    I bought the php Hydra for my old 7.3 powerstroke. Followed the on line instructions. Pretty easy to program. Wow it really wakes these trucks up. I tow a 10k travel trailer. I towed to Colorado and it did wonders for it. You can gain speed on the hills now. No more downshifting. I highly recommend you get one.

  • 5
    Awesome upgrade!

    Posted by Cris on Jul 2nd 2019

    Bought the Hydra to replace an old (twenty years!) single page Superchip that went bad; stalling, cruise control wouldn't work etc.

    Since I already had a chip, installation was a breeze - just needed to pull the e-brake and run the ribbon cord up to the dash and the USB cable over to the shifter.

    With baby swamp injectors, the free PHP tunes are ok, powerwise, they're pretty damn good, but smoky. I've got the 40, 60 and 80 hp "daily drivers" loaded now, but will be upgrading to custom to take full advantage of the capabilities.

  • 1
    Don't buy

    Posted by Jpickering on Jun 26th 2019

    I purchased this chip for my 97 7.3 powerstroke would not work in my truck tried several times contacted the company and they insisted that it is my truck I put my TS6 chip back in truck runs perfect I clearly wasted $300 on this chip.

  • 5

    Posted by Diesel Dave on Jun 14th 2019

    I said that I wouldn't need a programmer from buying my 2001 7.3 SD brand new as it did and has all the power I need to do. But as time goes by and 143K miles, I thought I would try a programmer for mileage and power(fun!!), and it is fun!! The programs downloaded really woke up my 7.3! The low RPM sluggishness is gone, she pulls right away from a standstill and revs up quicker with much more torque. So the power is there, now the mileage. I did one 100 mile highway trip and seemed to use less fuel judging from the fuel gauge, I'll have to check between fueling next long trip. The install is easy and downloading the programs through the software is easy too.

  • 5
    Php hydra

    Posted by Ty on May 16th 2019

    Works great and wouldn’t use anything else