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34 o-rings and 6 Parker fuel sleeves!

We have put together this kit that every owner of a 99.5-03 7.3L should keep in their toolbox. Eventually, the 7.3 will develop a fuel or oil leak. It's one of those "not if but when" scenarios with the 7.3. Rather than having to run around town or hope the dealer has the parts you need without having to pay a fortune for their parts while your truck is down, be prepared and have the parts on hand. Don't worry about the o-rings drying out or cracking, The shelf-life of DuPont Viton is indefinite, they won't go bad from air, heat, sunshine or time.

What this kit includes: 
◦A full set of Turbo pedestal (4) o-rings, both upper and lower 
◦GTP38 turbo outlet o-ring 
◦HPOP outlet fittings (4) o-rings, both internal and external 
◦HPOP rear plug o-ring 
◦HPOP reservoir fill plug o-ring 
◦IPR to HPOP body o-ring 
◦Head oil rail o-rings (8) for oil rail plugs, ICP or cross-over line 
◦HPOP Hose to head internal o-rings (2) 
◦Loctite 608 retaining compound (2 - .5ml packets for HPOP and oil rail) 
◦GTP38 EBPV solenoid o-rings (2) 
◦GTP38 EBPV piston backplate o-ring 
◦New Garrett EBPV pushrod clip 
◦Fuel Drain Valve core o-rings (2) choice of bi-polymer Viton or tri-polymer Viton 
◦Fuel Drain Valve Stem o-ring (1) 
◦Fuel Filter Check Valve o-rings (2) 
◦Fuel Bowl Heater/water in fuel sensor o-rings (2) 
◦Fuel Bowl plug o-rings (2) 
◦Fuel Bowl return regulator o-ring 
◦Sleeve gaskets for the fuel rail lines, both ends (4) 
◦Sleeve gasket for the fuel return line 
◦Sleeve gasket for the main fuel feed line 
◦Turbo mounting bolts (2) 
◦O-ring size identification and location charts 
◦Downloadable HPOP outlet repair instruction sheet 
◦Downloadable Fuel Bowl repair instruction sheet

Choices of Types of Drain Valve o-rings: 
◦Black Viton bi-monometer compound 
◦Brown Viton tri-monometer compound 
◦Blue MilSpec M25988/2 Fluorosilicone.

Select the type of compound from the drop down menu.

Differences between the brown and black Viton or the Blue Fluorosilicone fuel drain o-rings sold on this page:

◦The black Viton o-rings are polymerized from two monomers, vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene.

◦The brown Viton o-rings are polymerized from three monomers, vinyl fluoride, hexafluoropropylene, and tetrafluoroethylene. The brown fluoroelastomer terpolymers have shown to be particularly useful in applications requiring resistance to fuel permeation such as biodiesel. (only applicable to the Brown o-rings sold by DieselOrings.com for the Fuel Drain Valve. Other brown o-rings sold on this site are bi-monometer Viton)

◦The Blue Fluorosilicone has a much wider temperature range than Viton and is widely used in extream environmental conditions. It will stay flexible in artic conditions down to -70º F.

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  • 5
    Nice Fit, Very Complete & Quality

    Posted by Burt Kingsbury on Nov 5th 2018

    8. I Have Found Riffraff Diesel To Be A Great Place to Do Buissness.

  • 5
    Best value without the searching

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 14th 2018

    Cant have too many spare parts to fix unexpected problems. Used the o-rings i needed for now with others if other 7.3 common problems appear in the future! I would buy this again anytime.

  • 5
    No more leaks

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 19th 2018

    Did the fuel bowl rebuild and fuel line supply rings. Everything works great. Will get to turbo rebuild an pedestal soon.

  • 5
    A must for your 7.3

    Posted by Scott on Jan 11th 2017

    The price and convenience makes this a must to keep in your truck. I have systematically replaced o-rings with this kit starting with a complete fuel filter housing rebuild and now a turbo and pedestal reinstall. I could not even fathom trying to gather all this stuff piece by piece to make my own kit. I think I will order another since they last forever in storage. Clay always gives me advice when needed, Thanks Clay

  • 5
    Awesome Kit

    Posted by Robert Frost on Jun 30th 2016

    Has everything you need to keep on hand or if your doing a bunch of upgrades as I was to have this kit, get the Flourosilicone option for better longevity. Very nice that they put in sizing chart that explains where everything goes.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Sean on May 28th 2016

    I need to do a fuel bowl reseal since it was out for hpop reseal and new fitting, and lines. The kit was great. Everything I needed. Now I have some spare parts in my drawer. Love Riffraff.

  • 5
    Nice kit

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 29th 2015

    I've only used a few so far. Planning on doing many more. All the rings are listed inside the kit. You know which ones are for what. It's cheaper to buy this kit instead of buying other ring kits one at a time. All parts are quality parts

  • 5
    Must Have Kit

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 29th 2015

    Very nice kit for any 7.3 owner to have around. Ive ordered this kit for each of my trucks

  • 5
    This is a must for any 7.3 owners glove box!!!

    Posted by Brandon Jackson on Nov 2nd 2014

    For the price why wouldn't you have a little insurance for your truck. Nicely packaged little kit with some important O rings. Comes with a little chart to identify the different pieces.