HPO Nipple Cup/Ball Leakproof Tube Set

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HHC Diesel High Pressure Oil Nipple Cup/Ball Leakproof Tube Set 03-07 6.0L

If You're Going to Install Head Gaskets and ARP Studs, Complete Your Leakproofing with Nipple Cups Too! 

After 2 Years of Research & Development We Are Proud to Offer The First & Only LeakpProof Nipple Cup/Ball Tube Design! Our Patent Pending Design is Made of Hardened Tool Steel & Features a Deflection Groove to Make Sure a Leak At The Nipple Cup Seal Will NOT Follow the Body of the Nipple Cup To Your Top Injector Seal and Cause a No Start. Don't Get Stranded Re-Using Your OEM Nipple Cups or Some Cheap Aftermarket Nipple Cups!
The shape and size of every single part of our nipple cups has been designed and tested to insure the best possible seal in both a brand new high pressure oil rail and an old worn out rail. Even in the worst conditions, our nipple cups out-perform the competition and the original OEM design. The other aftermarket options are not only made of soft steel, which will wear out quickly, but they are also smaller than the OEM cups. In an older oil rail, a smaller nipple cup will not seal as well and you will end up with leaks sooner than later.

Leakproof Nipple Cup Features: 

  • Patent Pending Leakproof Design
  • Made of Hardened Tool Grade Steel
  • Deflection Groove Diverts Any Oil That Leaks Past the Nipple Cup Seal Harmlessly Away from the Top Injector Seal
  • Works With All 6.0L Oil Rails - 2003-2007
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - Guaranteed to be a one time purchase that will last as long as your truck
  • Will Never Leave You Stranded With a No Start Condition Due to Failed Top Injector Seals
  • Optimized Shape and Size to Seal Better Than OEM or Other Aftermarket Cups in New and Old Rails
  • Buy It Once and Be Done. Never Worry About it Again!

O-Ring Features:
  • Premium Heavy Duty Viton Blend - Ours Are The Best
  • Works With All 6.0L Oil Rails 2003-2007
  • Uniform Textured Finish - No Mold lines to Compromise Your Seal