High Flow Fuel CVD Fitting Set

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High Flow Fuel CVD Fitting Set for Ford 7.3L 99-03

By removing the restrictive stock check valve fitting and replacing with our custom machined high flow check valve delete fitting you not only remove considerable turbulence, but also allow more than 3x more flow than stock.  This allows you to feed up to Stage 2 injectors on your stock fuel system and not starve them for fuel while maximizing performance. We recommend changing the 7-004 fuel sleeves on the CVD fitting when you install.

- 7075 Black Anodized Aluminum
- 3x Higher Flow over stock
- Quick Easy Install
- 100% Made In USA

Quantity of 1 = 2 Fitting.  2 fitting are required for new install, one per head.


1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke *VLV-4 Fuel Sleeves are recommended for installation
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    It’s a little more work than you think. Good buy though.

    Posted by Blair on May 8th 2018

    Fast shipping!
    The intastall was ok. Note: to access the front CVD the best I pulled the power steering and alternator bracket I also replaced the banjo bolts too.
    The back one is a little difficult too. Use a wrench and get that fuel line loose and use a socket. Make sure you have the o ring to replace for the line. I have done 3 trucks and had to replace the o rings 2 out of 3 times due to them being worn.
    My trucks have better throttle response I have no complaints.

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    A must have part

    Posted by Brad on Apr 8th 2018

    I swapped these out the same time I did the banjo bolts, an all I can say it wakes up the truck, it's night an day difference.

  • 5
    Get rid of that restriction

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2018

    Very nice and well constructed. Installed easy and you can see and feel the difference from these compared to the OEM.

  • 5
    worked great

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 3rd 2018

    Bought a bunch of parts to fix a fuel leak, new bowl, lines, seals, high-flow fittings and while i was in there deleted my ebpv, new turbo base, and up pipes all from riff raff. Everything went right in first time without adjustments. Riff raff hasn't dissapointed me yet.

  • 5
    Very nice parts.

    Posted by Aaron on Mar 29th 2018

    Removed stock check valves and installed these
    They are machined right and I had zero leaks at start up. Great job RiffRaff!

  • 5
    Great Upgrade

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 21st 2018

    Did these along with banjos and FPx. WOW, what a difference! Only thing I was uncomfortable with is how far in these should be threaded. I felt like I might snap them but they haven't leaked which is great!

  • 5
    fuel upgrades

    Posted by Matt on Jan 25th 2018

    These fittings are a must when upgrading your fuel system. As others say im not sure how any fuel was even getting to the engine. Another awesome product from Riffraff. I also bought the FRX with this and WOW what a difference. Smoother idle, better throttle response, more power, brought my 7.3 with 280k miles back to life!!

  • 5
    Crazy Difference

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 31st 2017

    These high flow CVD fittings are second to none. Once you pull your stock fittings out you'll immediately wonder how fuel even gets through there, then you take a look at the new fittings and you'll KNOW that your getting a good fuel flow. On top of that I noticed a significant difference in throttle response and MPG's.

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    Must have!

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 16th 2017

    I’ve never, ever written a review before but these more than deserve it. I have purchased quite a few items from Riffraff in the past and have never been disappointed. These fittings should be a requirement when doing any fuel side upgrades. I’ve done a lot of mods on my 2000 F250 including some 1.5 injectors. These fittings made a huge, huge, huge difference in how the truck runs. I thought it was running great before i installed them, i was wrong. This fixed some issues I didn’t even realize I had. I just thought the injectors were a little more eradic and rough than stock. No sir. Can’t say enough.