AutoEnginuity Subscription Update - Single Interface

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The enhanced interfaces come with free updates for the first 12 month period, and you can transfer your license to another PC if necessary. Another 12 months of updates the cost is 50.00 USD (Item #AC-Single) for one enhancement; 150.00 USD (Item #AC10-1) for up to three enhancements, or one region (Domestic, Asian, or European); 300.00 USD for 4 to 10 expansions (Item #AC10-2), or for a ProLine Bundle; and 450.00 USD for a ProLine bundle with any additional coverage (Item #AC10-3), per 12 month period. You are not required to purchase updates and can continue to operate the existing enhanced version for as long as you'd like. To keep our tools competitive against our factory scan tool competitors, we release an average of 4 updates per 12 month period.