AutoEnginuity Enhanced PC Toyota/Scion/Lexus Expansion

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AutoEnginuity Enhanced PC Toyota/Scion/Lexus Expansion

Enhanced PC Toyota Expansion
#EI03 - Access Toyota-specific sensors not covered by the OBD-II specification. Including body and chassis support.
Requires ST06 ProLine Interface.

Enhanced interface for Toyota/Scion/Lexus (EI03) 1995-20102

Our enhanced Toyota interface supports engine, transmission, body, and chassis systems. System support includes the bi-directional controls and system tests such as Test Mode (Zero Point Calibration) setting for TCS / VSC systems.

Additionally this support includes the Generation 1 and Generation 2 hybrids systems such as HV Battery and HV ECU. For these systems we also do support the Information Data #s reported with trouble codes.

System Tests:

Air Bleed -- Usual and Master Stroke (ABS)
ECB Utility -- ECB Invalid, Zero Down, and Linear Valve Offset Calibration (ABS)
Signal Check (Airbag, ABS, ABS CAN, EFI CAN, EHPS, EMPS, and TPWS)
Reset Memory (EFI, EFI CAN, ABS, ABS CAN)
Clear Records (EMPS and VGRS)
Zero Point Init (EMPS)
Sensitivity Check (OCC)
Inspection Mode (ABS CAN)
Test Mode -- Zero Calibration (ABS, ABS CAN, TPWS, and OCC)

Click here for a complete list of coverage: Toyota-specific sensors and actuation commands.

*Does not support some Camry SE ('01 - '03) Bosch ABS controllers. 
Air Suspension/EMS, TPWS, and AC control modules require the ProLine hardware to operate properly.

Please be sure to enter your current hardware ID so that we can generate the correct activation code that matches.