AutoEnginuity Enhanced Mercedes Expansion

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AutoEnginuity Enhanced Mercedes Expansion

The Mercedes interface supports thousands of sensors and hundreds of bi-directional controls for systems such as DME, EGS, ABS, AAC, BAS, SRS, WSS, EWS, CGW, ICM, DAS, MRM, LCP, UCP, OCP, SAM, and dozens more body and chassis controllers. Support includes systems on both the 16pin OBDII and 38pin interfaces.

Live data, bi-directional controls, and trouble code retrieval for the popular M and GL Class (163 / 164), SLK Class (170 / 171), C Class (202 / 203 / 204), CLK Class (208 / 209), E Class (210 / 211), CL Class (215 / 216), CLS Class (219), S Class (220 / 221), SL Class (230), B Class (245), R Class (251), G Class (463), and V Class(Viano/Sprinter). Trouble code retrieval only for DAS 3 equipped S Class (140) models currently.

Advanced Features:

  • Display Adaptation Values (DME 2.0)
  • Display ECU Information
  • Reporting Status Byte and SubType codes
  • VIN model decoding
  • Support for D- and N-Codes
  • Read and Clear Fault Codes/Events 

Service Functions:

  • Power Window Denormalization for DCM aand LCP controllers
  • Reset ECU
  • SBC Deactivation and activation
  • Reset Sensor and Mixture Adaptation (ME2.8)
  • Reset Adaptation Values, Cold Start Adaptation Values, and Activate Fuel Pump (ME9.7)
  • Learn Throttle Valve Stop, Teach-In Ethanol Portion, and Reset Ethanol Teach-In Processes (ME9.7)
  • Reset Quantity Mean Value Adaptation Data (CDI2 - CDI5)
  • Reset Transmission Adaptations (EGS52, EGS53, and VGS2)
  • Reset Service Interval ('03 and earlier with FSS only)
  • Reset Oil Service ('03 and earlier with FSS only)
  • Rodeo, Pitch, Roll, and Move Towards Calibrated Level functions (ABC and ABC230)

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