Alliant 'AD' Injector

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Alliant 'AD' Injector - Ford 7.3L Powerstroke

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AA - '94-'97 Non-California trucks. They are all 90cc injectors and are single shots. 
AB - '97 California, and all Early '99 trucks. Split Shot injectors that flow 130cc of fuel.
AC - Came in high torque version of the T444E and didn't come in any Powerstrokes. They have the same internals as the AB injectors with the exception of the single shot plunger and barrel and are 160cc.
AD - These are found in all late '99-'03 Powerstrokes and T444Es, and are a Split Shot Injector
AE - Long lead AD injector that was used to cure a "cackle" issue.

*We must receive the injectors or a tracking number in 30 days or a $50 per day penalty will apply.

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    Top Notch on new injectors

    Posted by Robert Frost on Mar 13th 2018

    I had 354,800 miles on original stock injectors, they were a bit noisy and when winter came the last couple years it would have to warm up for 20 minutes before driving as a couple of the injectors were sticking. But once warmed up to operating temp it was fine.
    The new injectors are awesome as she is really smooth now and much quieter, really runs like new. I have a fuel rail crossover and oil rail crossover from Clay, "and per Clay if you have this you do not need the long lead AE injector for the number 8 cylinder' You can have all AD injectors. You will not find a better price on new Alliant injectors, Clay has the best service as well. If your doing injector cups too look at my review under injector cups.

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    AD & AE injectors

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 13th 2017

    Quality product. Good price. Would recommend to anyone.

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    Fuel mileage jumped 3 mpg

    Posted by Brad Holmes on Apr 28th 2017

    With 307k miles on original injectors I was having rough starts when oil was cold. Replaced all of the injectors and now it starts and runs like it's new. Fuel mileage also jumped 3 mpg back to 18.5 mpg hiway like it used to be!

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    Awsome product and the BEST PRICE anywhere.

    Posted by ERIC on Jan 3rd 2017

    bought 2 reman injectors in august and 1 gave out on cold mornings. Deciced to replace it with a new unit, and bought a total of 4 new Alliant units from Clay. As always his prices are the best around. Truck [2000 f250 7.3] runs better than ever, cold starts are like a gas engine. Took my truck on a 4 hour pull with mt 24' camp trailer and am very happy. Cant go wrong with NEW! Hopefully fuel mileage will be up too.

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    ad injector

    Posted by mike h on Dec 7th 2016

    Great injectors solved my problems

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    Great Price For OEM

    Posted by HVAC Mike on Aug 16th 2016

    These are your best option when replacing #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7 injectors on a '99-'03 7.3L Power Stroke. #8 on driver-side rear bank closest to firewall is a "AE" and is marked with a blue/green colored plug while the other 7 are a cream color. You must put that "AE" back in cylinder #8 if yours is equipped as such.

    I learned some tricks along the way while removing and installing injector cups, injector seals and injectors. First off the Riff Raff Diesel cup removal/install tool is worth every penny. Also the best way I found to remove the injectors easily was to use an old school drum brake pry-bar with a radius on the claw. It was the perfect size at about 10" long to hook the mounting flange on the injector and snatch it out of their with little to no effort. You want to lift/pry on the lower (bottom of head) part of that flange, not the solenoid or you will ruin things. It pops right out without any grunting or forcing anything. For reinstall of the new injectors, put your new injectors in the injector cups lining up the nozzle hole. After you hook the top part of the injector hold down flange on the top bolt push lightly with the palm of your hand to get it started. Take a 5/8" stubby wrench and hook the bottom of the flange and pull down. It pops right in with no effort or forcing. Unfortunately this works on all except #5 due to how close to the shock tower the injector is. Use a wooden dowel rod or cutoff broom handle with a mallet or hammer to tap that one in on the lower part of the flange. Only hit on the lower top part of flange. Don't make contact with the solenoid or anything else. She pops right in with a small lovetap, you don't have to go wailing on it. I've read horror stories about guys beating these things to death trying to get them seated and installed. If you know how, it is very easy and doesn't require much at all.

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    Extreme oil consumption

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 5th 2016

    Went right in, oil consumption is gone.Performance is back.

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    Posted by larry varin on Sep 17th 2014

    well lets see . i rented the tool they have to remove the injector cups .this way batter then trying to do this with a hammer . you cant . and the new injectors the performance of the truck now is like a new motor .. i have a ford f350 dully 2000. so if you ever wonder what parts and tools to use . this is the ONLY place you need to use and know that you will be very satisfied . im a 40 plus year diesel mechanic and this was the best and fastest job i have done with the right tool ..thank you very much riffraff .l varin phoenix az

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    Great service, trust worthy dealer

    Posted by Jared on Feb 24th 2014

    Great service at great prices, couldn't find a better price on the web for this brand new product, kudos for Riffraff. Looking forward to future business.