PigPen the ’55


Project PigPen the ’55


It’s 1955 in an old smoky, dim-lit workshop, and the radio is broadcasting the latest Ford commercial. “What is the first thing a smart horse buyer does? Just think, I'm sure he knows it’s more than appearance that counts with a horse. If you are wise, you will do the same thing when it comes to buying a truck.”  

The Plan: Fun-Fast-Functional

Our plan was to take our 2004 4x4 F350 drag ready Powerstroke diesel and swap it into our 1955 Ford F100. We located LYFE Motorsport through a few friends and the build started to take shape. 

“They don't make cars like this anymore. The best part about this truck is the original patina body. Our goal was to keep the body original but improve the driving experience. More power, better suspension, brakes etc. Our plan was to build the ultimate sleeper ” - Cole Powelson

1955 Radio transmission: “Look under the hood because this is where truck buying begins. Look for the one big advance that is revolutionizing engine performance, and gas savings. Look for modern short stroke design.”

Powerplant: Decision and love for the 6.0L?

Everything starts with the reputable power plant.

LYFE Motorsport got to work fabricating a roll cage, radiator and intercooler pipes for the 6.0L engine that Riffraff Diesel built. They utilized a fully built John Wood transmission and Innovative Diesel tuning as well. The rear wheel arches were extended to fit a wide 295/40/R18 tire. They also added 5.5 inches on the front wheel arch to match the custom built No Limit Engineering chassis, lowered the suspension for responsive handling, fitted a dash that would incorporate the new tech in the 6.0L motor, and replaced the bench seat with certified 4 point Sabelt seat belt nestled in a PRP seat that matches the vintage truck perfectly. 

LYFE Motorsport was able to fine tune and meet all of our chassis goals to handle our built power plant.

“We built a truck that could safely rip up and down a canyon road, burn donuts in a parking lot and it’s civilized enough to show up to church on a Sunday” -Cole Powelson 

“Pigpen has been a super fun project for us, and my favorite part was getting to drive it. The Riffraff Diesel power plant on the No Limit Engineering chassis and suspension is unbelievable. There’s a lot of guys here in the shop who are proud of their work and are sad to see it go”. - Cole Powelson 





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