Injector Cup Stainless Steel Sleeve Set 7.3L 94-03

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Riffraff Diesel Injector Cup Stainless Steel Sleeve Set 7.3L 94-03

Now Offering our Patent Pending Precision Machined Stainless Steel Extreme Duty injector cups and are priced as a kit of 8.


  • CNC Machined for precise quality
  • USA Made Billet Stainless Steel
  • 100% Designed and Manufactured in USA
  • Thicker wall in weak areas for longer lifespan 
  • Greatly increased durability versus stock brass

We offer to rent you the injector cup puller/ installer as well with your purchase of the cups for a $499 deposit.  We charge $75 to rent the tool which will be deducted from your deposit, which also includes a pre-paid return USPS shipping label that we can email when you finish and notify us.  

Our Patented puller allows you to remove the cups without removing the heads or using a slide hammer.  Also, by using the tool to grab the cup, you are able to inspect each cup for damage once it has been removed. Other methods (typically a tap) are likely to damage the cup during the removal process and make shavings that end up in your cylinders. 

Our Patented install tool is really the break through since rather than trying to hammer on it in tight spaces and hope your cup is seated you simply use a socket and allow it to press the cup in.  This allows for a completely seated cup every time, no guessing, no hammering, even on the back cylinders or e-series vans. To ensure our install tool doesn't deform your new cup, like other competitors tools, we have machined it so that it engages both the full surface of the cup bottom as well as the top lip.  We have put an o-ring on it so you can strategically put your cup in the injector bore instead of dropping it in and hoping your sealant stays intact. In order to allow the cup to seat without turning in the head we have engineered the install tool with a ball bearing so it remains stationary while you turn in the press.

We also have retaining compound and injector orings available for purchase that is used by Ford and International when reinstalling the cups.

Please note that if the tool is not received back by 30 days from customer receipt then there will be a $25 late charge.  If tool is not returned in 60 days you will lose your deposit.


Set Includes - 8 SS Injector Cups and optional rental of the tool. 

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  • 5
    7.3 stainless steel injector cups

    Posted by Jeremy on Oct 27th 2021

    Excellent product,CNC machined and made in USA. Well worth the money spent and I recommend this product for the excellent quality.

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew Ambs on Oct 14th 2021

    Vastly superior to the brass cups. Excellent machining, thickness and no rough edges. The packaging is awesome.

  • 5

    Posted by Dex on Oct 13th 2021

    I had to replace the injectors in my truck and don't like doing things twice, so while I was there I figured I would change these out as well! I also used the rental tool(Highly recommend!! Amazing tool!!) The rental tool made the job as simple as it could be for someone who has never done it!
    Things of note.
    Tools you need to use the rental tool:
    22mm deep
    6mm(I think it's called an external star drive)
    -I was unable to get the engine plugs out to drain the coolant so I pushed the back tires onto ramps and pulled the lower radiator hose at my brothers suggestion and checked with Clay at RiffRaff to verify that would get the coolant low enough to do the job.
    -I cleaned the sleeves with brake cleaner(Clays recommendation) and used the brush set and a scribe.
    For the ones I was not able to look in I used my cell phone video recorder with the flash on to make sure it was clean and that oil was not still running into the sleeve. I did have an issue with the #7 and #8 and had to spray brake cleaner into the back high pressure oil rail drain plug to get the oil to stop draining into #7, and had to remove the plug on the valley side behind # 8 and spray the brake fluid in there to get the oil to stop draining into #8.
    -For the final check prior to installing the cup I put a clean white t-shirt over the larger brush.
    Once that check passed I installed the cups,
    -Make sure you read all the directions prior to ordering parts, I did not realize I needed the retaining compound and had to order it next day as there was no place local I could find it. It does tell you that you need it in the cup description, I missed that part.
    The bottle of retaining compound is small and I used a lot on each cup and it was enough to do all 8.
    -I would recommend checking the oil and fuel ports when you are cleaning the retaining compound after the cup in in as I had some of the retaining compound in the fuel ports. I used a q-tip bent at a 90 to clean it out.
    The rental tool, directions and advice from Clay made this job very doable even for someone with as little experience as me. Thank you RiffRaff for a great product, a great tool, and great customer service!!
    Here is a list of the other things I changed out as well.

  • 5
    Awesome injector cups

    Posted by Gene Gardner on Oct 8th 2021

    Went with the stainless steel cups for a few reasons. Stainless steel has an expansion rate closer to that of the iron the heads are made off so should be less stress on the cups. Then because the cups are made of stainless steel you don't have to run the recommended green coolant that doesn't last too long. You can use ELC coolant like the cat stuff everyone wants to use. Lastly these injector cups are beefy. They are much thicker and cnc machined instead of pressed like the brass cups. This makes them structurally more sound and should hold up to more heat cycles over brass. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to replace the brass ones with something very high quality.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Geoff Cook on Sep 26th 2021

    Would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to upgrade their injector cups from the prone to failing oem ones

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on Sep 10th 2021

    Everything worked better than I expected
    They made a nasty job go together better than the factory and will last longer than the rest of the engine

  • 5
    Injector cups

    Posted by Rich on Aug 22nd 2021

    I am giving this product five stars. Having never done injector cups before I cant see how it could have gone any better. I used the stainless cups and Riffraff tool both of which are a machinist art and worked as advertised. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. Having said that, this is a big project and not for the faint of heart. You need some good tools and some decent mechanical ability. Do your research buy the best products hear ask questions and take your time. You too will have a successful project.

  • 5
    Stainless Injector Cups

    Posted by Jason on Aug 16th 2021

    These were of high quality and had a nice finish. Installation was very straight forward and I highly recommend using these anytime you are changing the injector cups. Do it once and be done with them!

  • 5
    Longevity and Quality

    Posted by Terry E. on Jul 9th 2021

    I purchased and have been running these stainless injector cups for two years now and over 60,000 miles because I hotshot with my 7.3 F350 dually. Put off doing injectors when I did cups, but they finally have run out of life. While replacing injectors last weekend I inspected the cups and have to say they look just like when I installed them. No cracks, leaks, or imperfections. So glad that I went with these over brass, and I recommend them to anyone doing this job. I am sure that these will last the life of the truck given the quality.