Archoil AR9100 Friction Modifier

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AR9100's patented Potassium Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner incorporates 4 complex organic esters that are formulated to dissolve and remove varnish, carbon and other deposits from the oil wetted surfaces of the engine. The esters also serve to facilitate the migration of the protective boron nanoparticles to the engine's metal surfaces where they form a solid boundary film that significantly reduces operating friction, protects equipment from wear, extends operating life and reduces energy requirements. By first cleaning the engine through its fluid system and then reducing surface friction, AR9100 is able to both restore and preserve engine performance in a number of important ways.


  • Cleans out pre-existing carbon, sludge and varnish build up 
  • Eliminates HEUI injector stiction (FORD POWERSTROKE and others) due to varnish & carbon
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Reduces operating energy requirements (improved fuel efficiency)
  • Inhibits surface corrosion
  • Significantly reduces surface friction (surface friction cofefficient - test 0.037)
  • Reduces wear (extends equipment life)
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Minimizes fluid oxidation (may extend the oil drain cycle)
  • Restores compression and torque
  • Extreme Pressure agent (falex test failure at 4,000lbs)
  • Readily biodegradable (85% degradable in 28 days) and non-toxic
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  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by Andy on May 18th 2019

    Took the extra cold start roughness out of my 6.0L. I'm sure the anti-wear properties also help other motor parts as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Rowe on Oct 3rd 2016

    Worked great

  • 4
    WORTH IT!!!!!

    Posted by Thomas on Aug 30th 2016

    Any 7.3 owner needs to invest in this. I have a '99 with 250K on it. As soon as I put it in on my last oil change, my engine went from 7.3 Powerstroke loud to 6.7 Powerstroke quiet. I have noticed a jump in mileage, as well as smoother/faster starts, and overall better performance from my truck. This product is well worth the money. And as always, Clay gets it to you in two days or less.

    Riffraff will have me as a lifelong customer. They're products, customer service, and attention to detail is among the best I have ever come acroos.

  • 5
    archoil 9200

    Posted by matt on Feb 24th 2016

    Worked good made injectors be quiet used with archoil 6200 (fuel additive) god stuff so far

  • 5
    Makes a very noticeable difference

    Posted by George on Sep 10th 2015

    Used in my 7.3 with a noisy #8 injector, it reduced the noise substantially when nothing else did

  • 5
    Archoil ( Magic Oil) !!!!!

    Posted by E. Montgomery on Sep 9th 2015

    I have been researching Archoil and wondered if it would benefit my 2007 F-250 6.0. I thought I had some stiction going on because my rig would sputter before warmed up. I changed my engine oil and then ordered this Archoil from RiffRaff. After adding Archoil my truck doesn't sputter and the stiction is gone! My gas mileage also increased! This stuff works great! Highly recommend and will be adding at every oil change.

  • 5
    Stiction sucks

    Posted by John on Aug 5th 2015

    Had a suspected stiction issue with my 99.5 (270,000 miles). It was happening regularly when the outside air temps would get below about 60 degrees. Truck would lope heavily and smoke when started cold. Had a friend use it in his 6.0 for the same problem and it worked flawlessly, so I figured it was worth a shot. Added the product and after about 60 miles of highway driving, the symptoms totally disappeared. It has also helped keep my hpop MUCH cleaner between oil changes. I'll never run the truck without it again.

  • 5
    Helped identify my issue

    Posted by Owen Jr on May 11th 2015

    Immediately after adding archoil I noticed some changes; some being positive and some negative. I added archoil to take care of what I thought (hoped) might be a stiction problem on injector number 8 (cylinder contribution low). Reluctance to start in mild weather (40-50 deg), smoke on start-up and a rough idle, knocking noise at partial throttle. I added archoil and every one of those problems compounded becoming more noticeable and as well unearthed a few more. I began noticing more noise, a rougher idle as well as started consuming a significant amount of oil. I believe that archoil helped me to identify the real issue which happened to be my injector o-rings. Once I replaced these the truck is now really shaping up.