Performax Electronic Control Module ESP

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The ESP transmits data up to 17 Isspro Performax Gauges. The way it works is through daisy chaining gauges together and snapping them into their perspective pods, so they can be exchanged in minutes without the use of any special tools. Once your initial setup has been installed, changing gauges is as simple as unplugging the old one and plugging in the new gauge. Each gauge uses its own signal that lets you daisy chain them together with the same wiring harness avoiding a bundle of wires and the hassle of trying to figure out which wire goes to what gauge. Isspro Performax Gauges offer you the versatility that you want while still giving you hassle free installation.

The ESP is SOLD SEPARATELY and not included in any Kits or with any singular gauges yet is a required component. Be sure to purchase an ESP to complete installation.

  • Required equipment for Performax Gauges to function
  • Works with up to 17 Gauges
  • Kit Includes
    • (1) Performax Electronic Signal Processor
    • (1) Grey Wire Bundle
    • (1) Black Wire Bundle
    • (1) Green Wire Bundle
    • (1) Brown Wire Bundle
    • (1) Wire Insertion Assembly Tool  
    • (1) Instruction Sheet
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    Posted by DzNutzz on Oct 10th 2016

    Ordered the ESP along with 6 gauges.

    Pros: Very simple to keep a clean install, I spent more time removing my old Isspro gauges and all the wiring, tubes, etc, than it took to put this system in. Very impressed with the time, effort and simplicity.

    Cons: They could have put the mounting brackets in with the gauges or at least let us know they are not included, they are designed to snap into place but they do offer backside brackets part #r19999 for those of us that do more with our trucks than crawl malls.

    I bought the 82000 series Performax gauges with programmable warning lights...again I never seen where there is a separate programmer required just to do the warning lights. Part #r82005.

    Whoever is crimping the Deutsch connectors to the wires really needs to have their jobs qc'd. Every wire end connector had strands pushed too far into the connector and were poking out so that they catch the rubber weather seal when inserting into plastic plug end.

    Isspro has been around for a long time but there website leaves much to be desired when researching any of their products. Couldn't find any info regarding the programming software but Google took care of that. Maybe Google should start making gauges and accessories.