OUO Weld-On Traction Bars

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One Up Offroad Invented the Traction Block System and was the first to bring this suspension to market (patent pending). No other imitations compare!

Does your truck: 
Have driveline shake under acceleration? 
Wheel hop? Have stacked blocks? 
Does it ride harsh due to an add-a-leaf? 
Or maybe you don’t want to disable the factory overload & bump-stop system.

Traction Blocks Incorporate a lift block with a traction bar. With the bar attached to the block, the block can't twist. The U-Bolts run thru the blocks insuring no twisting or kicking. The leverage amplification from the taller block is removed by the traction bar. You get the soft factory ride and factory load capacity with taller ride height. No loss in articulation. No loss of wheel travel. No noise transmission to the frame.

It seems a few people have strong opinions about blocks.....

We hear “Never run blocks they are dangerous”.

Reality is, Ford Dodge and Chevy have used rear blocks for 40 years. If this were a failure point they would have changed the design. They use the blocks to improve the ride quality by keeping the spring arch to a minimum. They also use the block to get ride height at a desired level. Our system does not run block alone, it is an upgraded traction bar / block system. We highly recommend upgrading to our 3/4” U-bolts to increase the clamping force to the axle 2000 lbs more then 5/8” U-Bolts.

We hear “Never stack blocks, it is dangerous”.

Reality is aftermarket lift companies have been using stacked blocks for 20 years. 60% of lifted trucks driving around every day have stacked blocks in the rear. If this were a failure point they would have changed the design. This is not any ones first choice of suspension design, but it gets used every day with out failure. We don't agree with stacking blocks. Our system replaces stacked blocks with a single unit that is stronger then the axle tube you are mounting them to.

We hear “All-Spring lifts are the way to go”

Reality is a 6” or 8” “All Spring” lifts eliminates the rear bump-stop and the overload system. With no overload and no bump-stop what stops the tire from hitting the fender at bottom out? If the spring is longer then the OE unit, the rear suspension will get solid when it maxes out the shackle travel. If the spring is not longer, there is nothing stopping tire and fender damage. This is true of most aftermarket blocks also. Our system retains the rear bump-stop and the OE overload system. Also an all spring lift either has more leaves making it have a higher spring rate or it has a higher arch making it have a grater distance between the axle locating pin and the front bushing. The higher arch causes rear steer when the body rolls. These are all negatives and a downgrade to a flatter spring. Traction Blocks do not have these problems. If some one is trying to sell you all spring lifts, they have not run the geometry on CAD to see that it is all negative with no positives.

We hear “Run Add-A-Leafs”

Reality is a 2” Add-A-Leaf rides really harsh. They move your axle 2” from the rear bump stop and the overload system. They increase your ride height but not your bottom out protection. So the bigger tire you installed could go up and hit your fender. The rear spring rate is increased to a higher rate but the front is not. This causes that “bucking” on freeway expansion gaps or any small road imperfection. The front suspension adsorbs the hit and the rear bounces off of it. Our system retains factory ride.

Reality is all of these systems are used by people every day. How many people really think thru their rear suspension geometry? The main reason to increase ride height of a truck is to run bigger tires. What good is the system if the tires damage your fenders the first time you really need to haul or tow a real load? The days of “I will never use my truck off road” are gone. Build your truck to be useable. This system is solid, you can use them in all high torque applications. They are great for sled pulling, Drag Racing, Mud bogging, sand dune running, Burnout competitions, towing max truck load on loose surfaces like sand or dirt. We use our parts and want you to use them too.

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    Simple installation, works great

    Posted by Glenn on Feb 4th 2016

    OUO has made a great kit. Everything from the packaging and instructions to the craftsmanship was superb. The installation was very simple: Weld a bracket on the axle. Bolt a bracket to the frame. Install a bar between the two brackets. It really is that simple. However, don't be confused, it is also tedious. Drilling through the frame can be painful if you have obstructions (the only place I could install the driver side bracket was right next to the fuel tank). With a little patience though, it is completely do-able. I had zero fitment issues with their product. I also love the adaptable length bars, it made the installation so simple; I HIGHLY recommend going with the adaptable length bars.

    Lastly, aside from looking great, they do the job and have cured my axle wrap issue.

  • 5
    Love them!

    Posted by Jimmy on May 7th 2015

    Amazing kit, right down to the way it was all wrapped up for shipping.... Awesome instructions and relatively easy to do.... Had a small issue with some threads not being chased and i called and it was handled IMMEDIATELY...awesome customer service buy RiffRaff and One Up Offroad!!