One Up Offroad Mini Driveline Drop

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One Up Offroad Mini Drive Line Drop Kit

Universal, Fits all Ford & Chevy, Gen 3 Dodge with, 6 5/8" wide hole center spacing, also fits Gen 2 Dodge 3 1/2" wide hole center spacing.

Will not work on 2012 and newer Dodge Diesels with DPF filter installed.

Are you tired of messing with Carrier Bearing Drop Shims that only seem to make the problem worse.

Lowers the carrier bearing from at least 7/8" to a max of 3 5/8"
This unit can be configured with the Upper Mount Plate in 4 different positions.
The offset holes in the Upper Mount Plate let you rotate 180 degrees and move the mount forward and back in the truck.
To get the best function of the driveshaft follow an easy rule.
There are three u-joints in your driveshaft, two of the u-joints need to have matching angles and the third joint must be one degree or less, no angle can be over three degrees.
Vibrations at higher speeds usually points at U-Joint angles are incorrect. Vibrations at takeoff usually points at axle wrap and you need traction bars to stabilize the axle.
On a stock truck, the angle of the U-Joint at the transfer case is zero and the pinion angle matches the transfer case and first shaft angle. This set up follows the rule that 2 angles match and one is zero.
On lifted trucks that are out of the working parameters of the stock set up we match the angles at the front and rear joints and make the center one degree or less. You may have to lower the transmission mount and raise the axle's pinion angle to get the angles to work. We have Crossmember Drops, Lift Blocks and Traction Blocks that can help get your pinion angle correct.
Your rear drive system is a 3 part system. All 3 parts need to work harmonious or you will have vibrations.
Part 1 is u-joint & spline condition along with shaft balance, if it is worn or out of balance it will always shake.
Part 2 is Angles. Your rear shaft is not forgiving on angles.
Part 3 is Axle/Spring wrap, if your truck has leaf springs, your truck will function better with OUO traction bars.