International Bellowed Up-pipe Kit 94-Early 99

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International Bellowed Up-pipe Kit 94-Early 99 7.3 Ford Powerstroke

These bellowed up-pipes are for the 94-Early 99 Powerstroke 7.3L and have been designed to replace the "donut" gasket that is prone to leakage. 

International Bellowed Up-pipes are what you need to cure those leaking stock up-pipes. It isn't a matter of IF but WHEN your factory style up-pipes will start to leak, and when they do this is your permanent answer. Because they used a bellow rather than a donut gasket these kits won't leak and will ensure you are utilizing all your boost to spool the turbo. When your factory up-pipes leak you will start to see a loss of power, mileage and a gain in EGT's. This kits come complete as pictured with everything you need to swap the leaking factory up-pipes for the new bellowed style, including hardware nuts and bolts.

Made in the USA

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    Posted by JJS on Mar 28th 2014

    These up pipes were relatively easy to install and came with detailed instructions and torque specs. They have at least as much clearance as the factory unbaffled pipes, especially on the passenger side where the down pipes make for some tight quarters. The only thing missing was a list of special tools and sizes, although there are a number of youtube videos that are extremely helpful for the first gen 7.3 turbo removal.