F6® Woven Flame Retardant Wrap


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Self-Closing Flame Retardant Split Wrap Woven Sleeving

F6 Woven Wrap FR (F6V) is a VW-1 Rated version our industry recognized F6 Woven Wrap, with the added advantage of a flame inhibitor to provide an extra level of safety. It utilizes many of the same characteristics as our original F6 split braided sleeving including the easy wrap around design and the extra overlap to ensure complete protection of important electronic communication and power systems.

The new woven construction provides superior elastic flexibility with unbeatable coverage over any harness assembly. Through a unique process, the blend of monofilament and multifilament polyester fibers are formed into a sleeving with memory that causes the sleeve to self close, and also snap back when opened.

The combination of flame retardance, ease of installation, and complete coverage makes F6 Woven FR an ideal solution for many commerical and aerospace applications.