F5 Chip Module

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DP-Tuner F5 Chip Module

DP Tuner chips support up to 16 "switch on the fly" programs. 

You will need to select a switcher with your chip as well from the previous page.
Each chip is built to your specifications and needs. 
You must choose each tune from the drop down menu.
Please remember to fill out the Vehicle Info/Mods section and include the following:
- Year/Make/Model
- Engine
- PCM Code Click Here for instructions
- Mods and Add-ons
- Intake/Exhaust/Injectors/HPOP/Fuel System/Intercooler/Gauges
- Tire Size
- Gearing if not stock
- Transmission Type/ Mods

Tuning Description

"No Code" Tunes- FREE and automatically assumed unless you advise otherwise
- Same as the normal tune but with 3 SES codes, P1211(icp<>desired, P1249(Overboost) P0478(Exhaust back pressure) turned off under normal driving conditions. This does NOT disable the SES light from coming on for any other operation or code.

Custom Tune- You will need to select this on every tune you have if you run any of the following:
- Big Oil
- Nitrous
- Propane
- Water/Meth
- Modified Injectors
You DON'T need to apply custom tunes to No Start or Stock. Use Modified Stock if you have items on the list above.

Stock- This program is at no charge to you. It is a �stock� calibration. There will be no additional horsepower with this tune. Most use it for when they let some one borrow their truck and sudden inclement weather.

Modified Stock- for those who modify the injectors or add Big Oil need this to prevent stalling when switching from higher horsepower levels back to stock.

No-Start- Provided at no charge and is used as a theft deterrent. Advised that this program be placed in Position 0.

Hi-Idle- This program is very versatile. It can be used for faster warm ups in Winter, keeping the AC colder on hot days, running equipment such as a winch or welder. It also keeps the Cylinders from washing down. This is commonly known as Wet Stacking. There are choices of 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1800. Having the Exhaust Back Pressure Valve closed is an option on 1100, 1200, 1300, and is listed as EBV.

Decel tune- this is used instead of an expensive exhaust brake. It performs the same function by using the EBPV to slow the trucks down. Some transmission strategies are used for auto transmissions also. These tunes will not hurt your transmission as some claim. We run this tune on our own trucks and have zero issues.

Valet Speed limiter- This is used for setting a speed limiter for when friend, family or employees borrow your truck who is not familiar with the performance of your truck.

20 hp Tow- for towing weight capacity exceeding 15k lbs. or more. Elevation above sea-level isn't a factor.

40hp tow- for towing weight capacity between 13 and 15k lbs. Elevation above sea-level isn't a factor.

60 hp tow- for towing weight capacity between 9 to 13k lbs. Elevation above sea-level isn't a factor.

80 hp tow- for towing weight capacity between 5 and 9k lbs. Elevation above sea-level isn't a factor.

80 hp Econo- used for Daily diving. Not recommended for towing. The shift strategies, fueling and other aspects of the tuning is different from the tow tunes.

100 hp Performance- Recommended with stock injectors as a performance tune. For the 1994-1997 trucks with no modifications to the injectors, the hp gains will be maxed out at 100 hp.

120 hp Race- recommended for a stock Super Duty as the highest hp level with stock injectors. To utilize the full potential of the tune it is highly recommended to make some modification to the Exhaust, intake, and fuel system. Can be used with OBS trucks with some exhaust modifications but it is highly recommended to modify the injectors, fuel system and adding an intercooler to see the full potential of program safely.

140hp Aggressive- this is play program with very aggressive fueling down low in the rpm range. You can drive in it, but it will yield higher EGT�s. Recommended for short term usage.

Lope idle- makes the truck sound like it has a big block cam. Mostly used for playing around. Prolonged usage can wash down the cylinder walls.Not reccomended for long term use.

Drive- thru tune- Quiets the idle down so you don't have to turn the truck off when you pull up to drive ups. Driving thru camp grounds, or chatting with the person next to you with out having shout.

Low fuel-very low smoke for modified injectors.

Custom Dyno, Pulling and Race tunes- for these tunes you must call us directly to discuss

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  • 5
    Good option

    Posted by ZacG on May 24th 2018

    Got this instead of the ts performance cause I wanted a different high idle setting. Works very well and just as easy to install as the TS. You&#039;d probably benefit more if you have quite a few mods like injectors and oil pump

  • 5
    Totally different truck

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 17th 2016

    I have run dp tuner on multiple trucks, but the latest programs are even better. My excursion runs like a different truck now. Shifts are crisp now, too.

  • 5

    Posted by Kirk on Dec 22nd 2015

    Sometimes you buy mods and you have to convince yourself it was worth it. I bought the F5 with just the 80E, 80T, and 120R. The 80E shifts so much smoother than stock. I no longer have gray smoke off idle, and I&#039;m getting a minimum of 4MPG better than stock.

    I can&#039;t wait for summer to pull my 5th Trailer to see what it does for the truck.

  • 5
    Great il never go back to a stock 7.3

    Posted by David on May 13th 2015

    This tuner is great set up with the stage 1 injectors from full force never will want to go back to stock

  • 5
    Amazing Results

    Posted by Mike H on Mar 5th 2015

    The DP Team is great; customer service is off the charts. The only limits to the tuner are the stock components still on the truck.

  • 5
    made in america

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 8th 2014

    luv the F5 installed it on my 02 f-250 auto, clean tunes nice throttle response no ripping your head off like other tunes on the shift points. very user friendly install of the chip and description. Looking at getting the F6 just soo that do not have to wait on tunes. Have to see but for the price and being safe on the tranny. Highly recommend it for any 7.3

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 23rd 2014

    Installed an f5 chip from dp in my 2000 excursion. All the tunes I ordered are top notch. On my 60 hp daily setting my mpg has increased by 3-4 mpg and vould probably do better if I was driving with mpg in mind. Throttle and shift points are greatly improved. Love this tuner!!!

  • 5
    7.3 awakened

    Posted by Al on May 23rd 2014

    This is OUTSTANDING. I have 7 &quot;tunes&quot; ... stock, 80HP Econ, 80 HP Tow, 80 HP Tow at Altitude (5k&#039;), 60 HP Tow, 40 HP tow, &amp; 100 HP Performance.

    I have not had ANY trouble from this chip. Inserting into the PCM was fairly straightforward. Excellent install directions. Most challenging part was cleaning the contact points on the PCM board.

    I have a ZF6 manual tranny. I have heard automatics have a slightly different tune to reduce the sensitivity of the throttle ... some programmers made the throttle so sensitive you must keep the truck out of the pasture or the torque will whiplash your noggin.

    These folks have an outstanding product. Highly recommend to anyone looking to &quot;awaken&quot; their 7.3 ... I DO recommend an EGT gauge, as a minimum. it WILL overtemp your stock turbocharger if you allow it.

    I&#039;ve purchased other significant items from RiffRaff ... highly recommend this vendor. Excellent support.