Diamond Eye 4" Stainless T409 "Offroad" Turbo Back Exhaust

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Diamond Eye 4" Stainless T409 "Offroad" Turbo Back Exhaust



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    1997 Long bed crew

    Posted by Bill on Jun 3rd 2020

    Fit was pretty good except for the rear most hanger. I had to cut the welds, bend it, and reweld at a new angle. I also had to trim about an inch of excess off of one of the other mounts so it wouldn't rub on the frame. I found that when following the instructions things were not lining up well. I gave up and just installed from front to back and everything lined up much better. Tailpipe is too long at exit and will need to be trimmed, especially if you are adding a tip. I also needed to shorten one of the mid pipes to fit my application. I went with the cat delete and installed the included muffler. Sound is about the same as stock at idle and opens up when you get on it. I can really hear the turbo whistle now when off idle and even at light throttle, which I love. I am happy with the install and would certainly buy again. My stuff was well packed and arrived undamaged. Shipping was lightning quick. Thanks Riffraff.

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    Good Quality, Poor Fitment

    Posted by Brian on May 12th 2020

    Very little packaging in box so the pipes were pretty scratched up. Its a bear to install and expect some cutting depending on your cab length.

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    Great upgrade for the price, Awesome sound

    Posted by Tex on Feb 24th 2020

    This Thing sounds awesome! It transforms your rigs sound from old, grumpy junkyard dog into fire breathing dragon. I think anyone who is used to the normal road noise from a stroker will not find the sound objectionable. It does get that nice V8 bark at higher rpms but it is not obnoxiously loud during normal driving. I get about 2 more MPGs and around 50 degrees less on the EGTs at highway speed. definitely helps keep them more reasonable when towing as well. Makes your turbo whistle more noticeable as well. Kit went on fairly well. The reason I only gave it four stars is, I did end up having to cut and bend the rearmost hanger clamp a bit to get it to fit correctly. I also had to remove the spare tire as the pipe was wanting to rest right against it. All in all, for what it did for the truck, I'm willing to let the spare ride in the bed. And A big Shout out to clay for answering all my questions on this setup! Keep it up Brother!

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    1996 F-350 Reg. Cab ZF-5

    Posted by Spencer on Oct 30th 2019

    Awesome quality everything fit well and hangers were in the right spot. Ended up not using the muffler and it sounds great. Only loud when you really hammer it. Noticeably better performance. Probably worse fuel efficiency since I keep my foot on the floor and let her sing now haha.

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    Posted by Kyle Hagins on Oct 30th 2019

    After some research, this seemed to be the exhaust for me. Let me start with how freaking awesome riff raff is! I'm pretty sure I clicked buy and they had someone run it to ups, because It took less than 40 hours from the time I ordered to delivery. The exhaust went on easy, I had to mod my firewall a touch. The rear exhaust hanger was not even close. I welded a bracket and made it work. Removal of stock exhaust and install of this one took almost 3 hours, but was straight forward. The sound is to die for, I love hearing the turbo whistling the sound of my people! As for mpg/power increase it is minimum from what I've noticed. The product is 4 stars, rif

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    Pretty nice system for the money

    Posted by F25070 on Jan 3rd 2014

    System fit OK in my '96 F250. I didnt have to doing any mods to the firewall. It is a tight fit though. It seems the angle is just slightly off on the downpipe. Where the pipe angles back to go back under the truck seems off. No matter how i moved things around I just couldnt get a perfect fit. Its an OK fit, doesn't leak. Its where the flange joint is, so the slight difference in the angle doesn't hurt anything. The only other complaint I have is the tailpipe hanger was way off. I just cut it off the truck and moved that so it was over the tailpipe. Re-welded it to the frame... all is well