Diamond Eye 4" Stainless T409 "Offroad" Turbo Back Exhaust W/ Muffler Delete

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Diamond Eye 4" Stainless T409 "Offroad" Turbo Back Exhaust W/ Muffler Delete


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    Fast shipping

    Posted by Jim on Aug 13th 2018

    Fast shipping hassle free. And the site is super easy to navigate. Have ordered much stuff from here. And will continue to do so

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    Could fit better

    Posted by Phil on Feb 19th 2018

    This system is decently priced and makes the truck sound great. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit as well as it should, specifically when going over the axle to the tailpipe. Also, even with ordering a stainless kit the clamps are simple galvanized saddle units. The hangers didn’t seem to have the precise fit the the factor ones had. I don’t recommend using thit supplied clamp for the downpipe. I bought a stainless Donaldson stepped clamp that fits great and seals nicely. I will be upgrading all of the clamps to those units. Overall, a good price but I would have paid more for it to fit better.

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    Fit was the best for a universal system

    Posted by Mark Pastir on Oct 2nd 2017

    My wife and I had it on in less than a day including cutting and rewelding the hangers. Installed a Jones Aeroflow muffler and black 5" tip, sounds & looks awesome! This system alone has added more horsepower than anything else. The factory system is very restrictive.

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    Doesn't fit well but sounds great

    Posted by Unknown on May 21st 2017

    I'm only giving it 3 stars. riff raff was fast with shipping and great to deal with. Clay you have a awesome company with great customer service. The exhaust itself didn't fit to well. I pushed the firewall back with a porta power to get the down pipe to fit. This is probably the easiest way to move the firewall.The hangers are pretty generic. They are not really designed for the obs. The clamps on the joints leaked. I had to get different clamps to work. It sounds awesome and the turbo whistle is crazy. I recommend a straight pipe exhaust just maybe a different brand.

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    Won't fit!

    Posted by Unknown on May 1st 2017

    Exhaust doesn't fix on my 97 obs. Over the axle side exit exhaust doesn't fitake at all. Very disappointed

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    Sounds great, looks good and overall went smooth

    Posted by Rikk on Apr 14th 2017

    Just a word of advice... If you are getting your truck rustproofed with Godzilla snot or whatever the greasy, waxy, smelly stuff is... DO THE EXHAUST FIRST!! Hard to install an exhaust without it getting everywhere.

    Hangers were a bit of a pain, but they are somewhat generic that will work best for multiple trucks, the system would cost much more if it had hangers that were F250 specific. Not a big deal, they worked and just took a little tweaking.

    The downpipe removal was a pain. Lots of sawzall blades required. Buy a 5 pack and save a trip. I used a small cylinder and a porta power to push in the firewall seam and it was done in 5 minutes without any cutting.

    I put everything in place and held it with jack stands, then snugged the clamps so I could move the pipes but they weren't loose. Then positioned everything to get the best fit and snugged them a little more. A bit of tweaking here and there and gave it a final tightening and it all went on fine.

    The sound when I first fired it was low and mellow, not too loud at all. Nice slight whistle of the turbo. I let it warm up and drove around a bit to make sure the engine was warm then had some fun. When you are up over 2 grand the sound is great, still loud, but roll the windows up and it's not that much louder than stock. At cruising speed, I couldn't really hear a difference. The truck did seem smoother all around the rpm range too. I don't have positive numbers, but I am almost sure it picked up some low end and mid range too.

    Overall, a great system at a great price. Very happy with it.

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    Problem after problem

    Posted by Devon on Nov 26th 2016

    None of the mounts matched up at all and with in a few days half the system fell off not too impressed at all

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    Sounds wicked.

    Posted by Preston on Apr 27th 2016

    I'm happy with my choice... except for one thing. I don't think it mentions it, but I may be mistaken: you lose your spare tire. I tried every which way and could not get it to where I could leave my spare tire mounted under the bed. Also, I advise using exhaust lap-band clamps when installing this product.... if you don't plan on welding it. It makes leaks a lot less apparent. Otherwise, my truck sounds awesome. Threw a 7" polished stainless exhaust tip on the end and she's a looker.

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    great exhaust for the money

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 26th 2015

    i rated this 4 stars only because the hangers for the exhaust were at the wrong drop for the factory hangers.this exhaust fit way,way better than the bullydog system i installed 7 years ago.that particular exhaust rotted into oblivion,and cost twice as much as this system.i am very pleased with the fit and finish of all components,except for the hangers.luckily i work at an auto parts where we carry exhaust fabrication products and i made my own hangers.exhaust sounds great and i am happy to recommend diamond eye systems.thanks for a great product from a very pleased customer!!