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  • adam-keith.jpg

    Adam Keith

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    30 November at 12:49

    Quality - top notch
    Service - impeccable
    Pricing - reasonable
    In my opinion, Clay knows everything one could wish to know. He has treated me like I am his best customer every time I speak with him. He us extremely knowledgeable and patient to answer every question in detail. He has even helped me with shipping the parts I ordered all the way to Mexico. Great business with an excellent business model. Hands down one of the top 5 businesses I have ever dealt with. Would recommend to anyone without the slightest hesitation.

  • cody-ridge.jpg

    Cody Ridge

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    30 November at 12:10

    Always great parts and amazing service!

  • justin-barbour.jpg

    Justin Barbour

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    22 November at 13:32

    Super great experience every time I’ve purchased though them and super fast shipping

  • review-img-1.jpg

    Howard McInenly

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    October 18 at 7:11 AM

    Delivery and service have exceeded expectations on every purchase. Whether it's under $100 or over $1000 it's the same great service.

  • 43415090-10215703173806706-3123650867371180032-n.jpg

    Josh Bowman

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    October 13 at 8:23 AM

    5 STAR!!!!!!!
    They got my order out quick. I was under the gun on time and they got it done. What great service

  • 42633854-10216894485730019-4371197760003637248-n.jpg

    Lucas Murphy

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    August 3

    Riffraff has awesome customer service and quality parts. It is because of them that my 7.3L is still running strong. Currently I’m doing a turbo rebuild but before that I had the oiliest valley and driveway to match. With the help of Clay I had the right parts on my door step in no time and my valley has never been so dry. Fuel mileage also seemed to go up so that’s always a plus.

  • 39786245-624230677978320-1167217088503218176-n.jpg

    Danny Jones

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    October 20 at 10:09 AM

    Clay is a salt of the earth dude. Hardworking, knowledgeable, and fair priced.

  • 44344473-10216986184909776-522431597023068160-n.jpg 

    Adam Willard

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    July 7

    Clay is the man. I was prepared to spend thousands to get my truck running again, it's how I make a living. I had already replaced a few sensors, maybe 400.00 worth. I called and Clay answered the phone. He was very knowledgeable and asked all the right questions. At the end of the call he said have you checked the IDM relay", I hadn't. I replaced the relay and the truck started. I will definitely be a loyal customer. Thank you Clay

  • 14915264-1773631092908618-4499287088633215914-n.jpg 

    Brandon Tarrant

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    August 7

    These guys carry great parts at great prices and is the only company I've ever ordered parts from that literally ships my order out within minutes of receiving it. 10 stars is an understatement!

  • 13769479-10209593288410085-9199371294953997972-n.jpg 

    Jo Ram

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 22

    Clay is top notch. Very eager to help you and super fast shipping. I love that they make a lot of products in house right here in the USA. I pretty much buy all my parts from RiffRaff. Give them a shot you won’t be disappointed.

  • 35431161-1934675439896086-4369193573644500992-n.jpg 

    Jay Brown

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    August 2

    5 stars parts are always great quality clay always calls you back when you have questions just a great company.

  • 25498020-1983755168553585-1471294515247377160-n.jpg 

    Andy Brousseau

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 22

    Outstanding company that has a lot to offer. Love that you can order aftermarket and factory stuff, all in one you get quick shipping, along with great pricing...even for us, north of the border! Thanks RiffRaff

  • 41442394-2105759546124236-1474148177463476224-n.jpg 

    Darek Joseph

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 19

    Really fast shipping and great customer service. I ordered 3 different parts from 3 different companys the same day all before noon and I got the riff raff order first and I'm still waiting for the other orders. Definitely will continue to use you guys from now on.

    5 FIVE 5 STARS... or 10 if Facebook can make up there mind.

  • 40773051-10216274401189823-3226225574141755392-n.jpg

    Bill Stevens

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 22

    I always go to Riff Raff for parts, awesome staff, fast shipping and I love the fact there stuff is made in the U.S

  • 43021689-10155890785932336-111529971280773120-n.jpg

    Aaron Farris

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 19

    The go to guy for 7.3 parts and performance. customer service is second to none

  • 10915192-10154964120865005-4384868654891194832-n.jpg

    Chris Hensley

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    February 2

    Hands down best place to buy parts for your truck. Staff is very knowledgeable, orders are always shipped quickly and packaged well. Do youself a favor dont try and shop around for the best deal. This place has the best parts, prices, and service. This company models how a company should operate!

  • 27657992-10215088617911489-7550710136281113670-n.jpg 

    Kevin J. Whitney

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    June 27

    Clay is the guy behind this outstanding company and I have to say, 5 stars just isn't enough to describe how well I've been treated here. Anybody with a Powerstroke looking for performance, modifications, or just routine maintenance should look no further. You WILL be treated like family here.

    I took a weekend off to give some much need attention to my work truck that I depend on everyday. When I ended up needing more parts then I anticipated, I sent an email Saturday to inquire about skipping the shipping and picking the part up locally to save me from losing any time at work (I’m fortunate enough to live in Eagle Point, where Riffraff is based out of).

    Clay got back to me immediately, let me know that he was in Alaska, and he'd do whatever he could to help me out. His immediate response was impressive to say the least. However, there simply isn’t customer service out there that can rivsl or even compare to what happened next.

    Clay was at my home address Sunday (the VERY next day) to hand deliver the part I had just ordered barely 24 hours earlier.

    You're a whole lot more then a customer to this company, and they are WAY more then just another company to me. ALL businesses should strive to match this excellence as far as I’m concerned.

    It's guys like Clay and his company that make the world a better place.

    10 stars to Clay and RiffRaff Diesel.

  • 40294551-10217697525488751-636405507774480384-n.jpg

    Bill Meyers

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    January 11


    I own an 01' Super Duty with the 7.3 (250,000 miles) and I wanted to do some upgrading. I had found RiffRaff Diesel's website and have not looked back! I have already installed the oil cross over (HPX) and the fuel cross over (FRx). I plan on getting more done with the fuel because I noticed the mileage and power just seemed to peter off and have noticed a fuel pressure increase already and an easier start after I installed the oil cross over.

    Thank you RiffRaff (Clay) with all your help. You seem to care more than just sell you parts.

  • 11053199-10152887703156984-9102884604909537889-n.jpg 

    Neal Kessler

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 April

    Ordered a part for my excursion paid for 2-3 day shipping. It was at my door in under 24 hours. Always quick and friendly service.

  • 36800524-10157926767516164-1443296714411737088-n.jpg 

    Chase Shafter

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    21 June

    Always good products shipped fast and never skips the stickers.

  • 1509699-10202811105577774-4678731059225933369-n.jpg

    Jody Lyn Goodson

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    19 July 2017

    My journey with Riffraff started with a google search for bolts that no one carried or had in stock. After days of looking and almost ready to pull my hair out, I came across Riffraff. I am a mom that has a kid with two older diesel trucks and I swear it feels like I am ordering parts once a week for him (and of course, most of the time I have no idea what I am asking for). I have already placed two separate orders with Riffraff and I can assure you that Riffraff will be our go to company. Thank you, Riffraff for your great customer service.

  • 38494744-10160866080935515-5077964680446607360-n.jpg 

    Nicholas Kozak

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    29 November 2017

    Even with the poor CAD to USD exchange rate, it is still cheaper to order through Riffraff then buy a offbrand parts store part. Always the lowest prices for OEM 7.3L Powestroke stuff everytime I have looked. Quick shipping and great service, will be ordering from Clay aslong as I have my OBS powerstroke!

  • 14937230-10154111728477945-7146574050562282433-n.jpg 

    Michael Lee Allen II

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    1 December 2016

    Clay is the man. Finally tried to install my CVD fittings on my 7.3. Ended up losing one somewhere in the back of the engine, and ask Clay how much to buy just one. He was so nice to send me one on the house. That is customer service. Awesome christian company!!

  • 44205198-2179702582061033-1610229715111510016-n.jpg 

    Noah Everett

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 April 2017

    FAST shipping, friendly customer service, great prices even on hard to find OEM parts and all the cool aftermarket upgrades you need right in one place. What more can you ask for? All three orders I have placed with Riffraff were at my door the very next day. Consistently impressive. Thanks for helping me get my old 7.3L back on the road! Riffraff rocks!

  • 12651267-1109279209102613-9088131520751762255-n.jpg 

    Cory Vaughan

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    18 October at 13:46

    just wanted to say thank to everyone at riffraff diesel for doing a great job, when i first bought my truck a couple of years ago at 16, the first thing i did was change my air filter which is when I discovered your company. Now at 18, after rebuilding my truck from an acident and finally getting a rebuild title, i discovered my oil seals where bad on my turbo, and with my luck half the parts that go along with my turbo where damaged. But thanks to you guys, with your affordable parts and fast shipping I was able to get my truck up and running with one of my buddys and a few long days in my driveway.

  • 34919500-10160841369270500-3656967273026945024-n.jpg 

    Kyle Van Reeuwyk

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    22 December 2017

    Called in with a couple questions, spoke with Clay who was super helpful. Didn't try and upsell. Ordered a bunch of stuff... Again... Shipping was fast, even though its right before Christmas.. One of the parts I ordered were the 7.3 intake plenums. The quality and machine work that went into these.. Amazing. Looking forward to installing everything!

  • 42541808-10214655220427479-1797296002076508160-n.jpg 

    Thaddaeus Maximus Wineinger

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    12 September

    I buy all my accessories for my truck here.

  • 31044380-1909529249059990-5890610868382597120-n.jpg 

    Andrew Auger

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    24 October 2017

    Outstanding service and products just keeps getting better. From the billet wicked wheel to the fuel and oil crossovers. All excellent quality and fit. And good pricing. They will keep your 7.3 running at top notch! Thanks!

  • 14581386-10153828561986603-385686697594533207-n.jpg 

    Chase Stander

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 July 2017

    I always get the best service from Riffraff. Quick responses to my questions and most important, honesty, they will help you get your truck just how you want it and not try and sell you worthless parts you don't need. A+ serviceKyle Dotti

  • 28472194-10155813487780804-8547204417837768507-n.jpg 

    Howard McInenly

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    20 February 2017

    Clay and his team at Riffraff has gone above and beyond in terms of costumer service. From being able to get me a hard to find front engine cover , then calling me to tell me that he ran out of stock and the replacement would not be in till later than expected when I asked how much later he said one day it arrived one day after the the original delivery date or the time I called to ask about a clutch they didn't carry and clay told me it's something he never carried but he could get it shipped thru his vendor, it arrived at my door in two days. Another time they called me after I placed an order to confirm that it was actually me ordering because I put a different shipping address than my billing address. After all this I always make riffraff my one stop for all my powerstroke needs. Clay and his team are a world class act and they will continue to have my business and recommendation

  • 23376258-10100833102938777-8468994391868936698-n.jpg 

    Brett Grover

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    23 August 2017

    Received notice that my order was shipped in a matter of minutes after placing the order, received 2 days later in Texas. Can't beat that shipping not to mention the customer service that comes standard with RiffRaff. Will be a life-long, loyal customer with service like that!

  • 16711561-10212501215353291-7873328662957144585-n.jpg 

    Brandon Davis

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 July 2017

    Fast shipping in the last 70k miles i have bought alot of stuff, the isspro gauge package was top notch, there intercooler boots are nice and problem free the last 60k miles and i just installed thier blank turbo pedestal which bolted in perfectly. I highly recommend them.

  • 42627956-10156016049784217-5909343007466848256-n.jpg

    John Wheeler

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    24 March 2017

    Ordered a fuel filter cap for my 7.3l from Clay and not knowing how fast this guy was it showed up 2 days later which was a heck of a lot faster than I anticipated. Needless to say all of my parts will be coming from him and his team from now on!!!

  • 37526103-1938920956139442-6189802258771738624-n.jpg 

    Jose Gonzalez

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    25 October 2017

    My wife ordered me a diamondeye 5inch for my obs. It literally showed up less than 24 hours later with regular shipping selected. Great selection of parts and awesome customer service. I'll continue to give riffraff my business.

  • 13731646-1092155364183045-3512946577925658489-n.jpg 

    Mark N Bianca Corsbie

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    20 March 2017

    RIFF RAFF is definitely the best in my opinion clay has gone out of his way twice for me now an i am really impresssed by how awesome he treats customer's even on sunday he met me close to my house so i could get a seal for my fuel line. My mind is blown i have never had such great service thanks clay. I. Will only shop thru riff raff and if you got a powerstroke so should you.

  • 15400579-1819425148312846-2586636303361594772-n.jpg

    Pedro Rodriguez

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    24 April

    Quality is great and received it in a timely manner. Thanks guys, can't wait till my next purchase

  • 22449937-1741622546140954-2205240717550250449-n.jpg 

    Jared Brassard

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    24 June 2017

    The ts 6 pos chip i ordered was on back order, clay called me up and convinced me to try edge revolver. Got the call tuesday evening and He got it to me before the weekend. the edge revolver is incredible and was easy to install. Thanks riffraff

  • 40685413-2195069777188718-837745847964794880-n.jpg

    Joe Staples

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    20 February 2017

    Order parts and they show up at the door quick. Not to mention the very personal customer service provided. Clay has helped me several times and has even special ordered parts I needed and couldn't find anywhere else.

  • 40570013-2316131818403760-6811443039077138432-n.jpg 

    Eric Palmer

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    2 August 2017

    I'm very thankful for Riffraff. Majority of the parts on my 7.3 are from them. I've never had a single issue with any of the parts. Quality parts for a decent price.

  • 41409099-10214731014302419-2137282958938079232-n.jpg 

    Chris Autry

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 July 2017

    Great selection of high quality, made in the USA parts! Always fast shipping and great service! This is my first stop for parts on my Superduty!

  • 44471492-10156927524574742-216720588012519424-n.jpg 

    Cody Van Orman

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    October 18 at 7:11 AM

    Delivery and service have exceeded expectations on every purchase. Whether it's under $100 or over $1000 it's the same great service.

  • 65150-520982044593680-375733622-n.jpg 

    Kurt Vance

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    20 February 2017

    always been a great company to deal with questions have gotten a quick response to and the prices are usually cheaper than most other companies all and all a very pleasant experience with them whenever and whatever i order from them

  • 31648453-10100141144687305-5205638922691936256-n.jpg 

    Andrew Block

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    8 February 2017

    Exceptional service. Immediate responses. Excellent communication. You can't ask to deal with a better business. Clay is extremely knowledgeable and loves the Diesel life! Get one of his "filter sockets" btw...It's one of my favorite inventions! Thanks, man!

  • 34304780-10213799280475113-4328094267084898304-n.jpg 

    AJ Esquivel Jr

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    28 March

    I get all my 7.3 parts from Clay. Great supplier!

  • 30227029-2048875042023459-2490367003045422178-n.jpg 

    Richard Wright

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    26 December 2016

    Well finally got my 7.3 up and running. Man it runs so smooth I'm very happy with all riffraff products !!! Boots, frx, cvd, high flow banjos, ebpv. among other thing I had did rebuilt turbo, mbrp 5" exhaust, airdog 150. But back to riffraff products can't ask for any better !!! Thanks !!!

  • 24232550-1654659331222261-3951301941763315994-n.jpg 

    Miles Fleming

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    3 January 2017

    3 Excellent customer service and always quick to return messages or phone calls! I bought up pipes and a few other things and am very happy with the quality and fitment! Repeat customer for sure!

  • 44460252-2778005035558246-8991259269600903168-n.jpg 

    Michael Schmucker

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    23 May 2017

    Awesome products and customer service. Sent an email and was responded to promptly with an answer from Clay. Received and installed the 6637 kit today and everything was as stated.

  • 13775441-10209523146411220-4020381248732711097-n.jpg 

    Eddie Croom

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    15 February 2017

    Best customer service, very fair prices, all around the best company I've worked with online. Big "Thanks" to Clay and everybody at Riffraff diesel. Love you guys!!!

  • 44024481-2445119558850556-7166435774152310784-n.jpg 

    Patrick Devine

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    31 August 2017

    Will always recommend riffraff to anyone owning a 7.3 or any other ford for that matter. 10/10

  • 42473023-1921658017880476-8626236583298727936-n.jpg 

    Melodie Branham

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    10 November 2017

    My husband ordered his truck parts yesterday at like 4 pm and they weren’t supposed to be here until Monday(we thought that was impressive) NOPE they arrived today (very next day) ! Now he can start working on his truck sooner than he expected! Highly recommend these dudes!!

  • 10421150-10154229937315650-576209267816587235-n.jpg 

    Blake Hall

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    1 January

    I've bought several things from RiffRaff so far. Great quality and fast shipping.

  • 936517-703633892996064-1893900703-n.jpg 

    Matt Miller

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    24 July 2017

    Awesome customer service, unbeatable prices and fast fast fast shipping. I turn to Riff Raff Diesel for all my 7.3 needs.

  • 43042965-1841619229206578-2829685120741408768-n.jpg 

    Tad O'Bryant

    recommends Riffraff Diesel.
    October 18 at 7:11 AM

    Great people and company wouldnt be more satisfied with my parts that come from here ill be using you guys for every powerstroke that ill own.


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