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Fuel Rail Crossover™ (FRx)

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7.3L Diesel Fuel Rail Crossover™ (FRx) 99-03 Powerstroke

"The Prescription For Your Fuel System Needs®"

We are now shipping our 2nd Generation FRx System that utilizes Eaton Aeroquip® 304 Stainless Steel Braided lines covered with a groundbreaking protective layer of HYTREL® from DuPont.

The FRx was made to solve the 'deadhead' fuel rail issue on the 99-03 Powerstroke engine by connecting the two heads and allowing a metered return you allow the air another return path, rather than forcing it through your injectors. This product was designed to eliminate the need to cut your return line and use compression fittings, so that it is a true bolt on system. We have also machined the FRx block to provide from stock to 72 psi of fuel pressure depending on which spring you choose to install it with. By using our kit and eliminating the air in the fuel system you will experience smoother, quieter idle, less cackle, and better throttle response among other things. You will also be increasing your injector life as well by utilizing the FRx and creating a regulated return back to the tank.

Protective covers are also pre-installed to prevent chaffing of engine components from the SS braided line. These covers are also great if you want to keep the system looking OE and not draw attention to it once installed.


- FRx System
- 3 Springs for adjusting Fuel Pressure 
- Viton O-ring 
- Parker® Fuel Sleeve
- 2 mounting bolts
- Instructions

Techical Info:
- Exceeds SAE 100R14A
- Rated for commercially produced B100
- Temperature Rated -100˚F to +450˚F
- Max. Working Pressure 3000 psi
- Minimum Burst Pressure 12000 psi

Fuel pressure spring settings 

55-60 psi  silver spring
61-65 psi  gold spring
66-72 psi  black spring

Riffraff Diesel Performance is committed to 100% Made in the USA. All materials are from USA resources. Every machining step is performed in the USA. Every component is assembled in the USA.


Product Videos

How To: Riffraff Diesel Fuel Rail Crossover (FRx) (04:01)
How to install the Riffraff Diesel Fuel Rail Crossover (FRx) on your 7.3 powerstroke. Purchase: http://www.riffraffdiesel.com/fuel-rail-crossover-frx/ PDF Instructions: http://www.riffraffdiesel.com/content/RESOURCES/Riffraff_Diesel_FRx_Instructions.pdf
  • How To: Riffra...
    How to install the Riffraff Diesel Fuel Rail Crossover (FRx) o...
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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Buy for an Excursion 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 23rd 2017

    I ordered this FRx and decided to add the HPx to the order too. I was hoping to add things to our engine that would allow it to last longer. It currently has 135,000mi. After lots of reading, I purchased the pair. I noticed right away, the sound change of the motor. When cruising at 80mph or even 75mph, it's quieter in the cab. My wife asked what I did, because it was a smoother ride and quieter. I felt it in the steering wheel and seat. It seems to run now like it should have always been from the factory. Well worth the money. Plan on buying another setup for our farm truck and add the CVD fuel fittings to the order.

  2. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 12th 2017

    7.3 ran quieter.stronger.picked up a little mpg. Highly recommended

  3. Wish I had done this sooner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 1st 2017

    After fuel hiccups at full throttle and ultimately a #8 injector tip cracking and falling into my cylinder (lucky is shot out the exhaust)... this was the suggested solution from everyone I knew... especially those at FTE. The install was easier with the filter bowl out (replacing the o-rings/sleeves)... but ran into trouble on the passenger side... I had to remove the AC mounting bolts and idler pulley mount as well. This added about 45 minutes to the install... but made it some what easier to get to the plug... the only way that plug would come out was with heat and the smallest set of vice grips i could find... once that was done... it was simple. plug and play. Runs smoother, no leaks, and I know my injectors wont see air anymore. Thanks RiffRaff, and FTE.

  4. Mandatory Mod! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 1st 2017

    Why didn't Ford do this from the factory? These guys have out thought and out manufactured a multi-billion dollar company. The quality of this part is above anything you would expect. Truck runs quieter and starts faster! Home Run!

  5. A MUST HAVE!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 1st 2017

    This thing is great!!! Unfortunetly it took me a VERY LONG time to get installed. My rear plug was so tight everything I tried to use kept trying to strip it. The socket wasbuseless on both sides for me, 2001 F350. I finaly got the plug off using a Craftsman universal socket and a very small 3/8 drive ratchet.
    As far as this product goes its AWESOME!!! I had done the oil crossover years ago so between the 2 it runs better than it has ever run.
    All cackle is gone and it just sits there and purrrrrs. After seeing the difference I would do this and the oil crossover before anything else. Including gauges or AIH delete or anything else.
    I really cant say enough about this product.

  6. What a difference 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 31st 2016

    Installed this and the HPX at the same time what a difference. Truck runs much quiter and smoother now. Easy to install.

  7. Very noticable noise reduction! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2016

    First off, I took my truck to a local diesel shop to get the install done for both the FRx and HPx kits. Was charged 4 hours labor total.

    Took dB noise readings before and after the install. The outside reading by the driver-side tire were both about 95-96dB, but the higher-frequency cackle sound was definitely reduced. Haven't got my wife out to listen to it yet, but I was able to pull into the driveway and not attract the attention of the wife or the dog.

    Inside was where the noise reduction was more noticeable as it went from about 67dB to 63dB on top of the steering column when cold. Haven't taken a dB reading yet after it was good and warmed up, but on a recent trip, was able to have a conversation with someone in the back seat of the crewcab without having to raise our voices.

    Let's just say I was very pleased about how much quieter the ride was. Just wish that I had read about these 2 kits years ago. Even paying for installation still makes this, in my opinion, the best mod ever for a 7.3L diesel.

  8. Works great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2016

    First it's not an easy in tall but not extremly difficult. It does not make your truck quiet like a gasser but it does eliminate the kackle . Great product verry well built

  9. Works great 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 22nd 2016

    This my second 7.3 diesel worked great on my first should be good on this one , ball bearing turbo next

  10. Great Mod 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 17th 2016

    Easy install with proper tools. Installed this along with RIFF RAFFS HPO XOVER,BANJO BOLTS and CVD fittings. Also their intake boots. Noticed a 2mpg increase and truck not as clattery as before.

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